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Animated Stickers Get to WhatsApp

True, not everyone has. Some users of the WhatsApp messenger drew attention to the great innovation that occurred in applications for iOS and Android. WhatsApp has added support for animated...


10 gorgeous things with AliExpress. Hits of this summer

Checked! You can take it. AliExpress is full of low-quality products, but there are some great things you can buy for ridiculous money. 10 popular products from AliExpress were selected...


The "law against Apple" wanted to soften. Is iPhone out of danger?

Important corrections. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has decided to soften the law on the pre-installation of domestic applications on smartphones, computers and televisions with the Smart TV function. According...


Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number

Good to know! Sberbank customers can make quick money transfers directly by phone number. This feature facilitates the implementation of small transfers, the largest share of which is among bank...


5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

A selection of useful features. Although there are not a million hidden functions on the iPhone, but many of them have been described more than once, you can always find...


$ 519 billion – total sales through the App Store ecosystem in 2019 [Инфографика]

At the beginning of the year, Apple boasted that the total revenue of developers offering their applications in the App Store has exceeded $ 155 billion since its launch in...


Experience using iPhone 11

Before the release of new iPhone models, there is not much time left, although Apple is likely to postpone their release due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. But...


Bloomberg: Apple will announce the transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers instead of Intel CPUs already at this WWDC

Apple intends to announce the transition to its own ARM processors in Mac computers as part of the upcoming WWDC Developer Conference, which opens June 22. Bloomberg editor Mark Gourman...


VKontakte has a better feature for those who are pissed off by voice messages

Cool innovation. VKontakte took care of users who do not like to listen to voice messages. In the social network application for iPhone and Android smartphones, a function for converting...


Sberbank Online has fallen across Russia. What happened (updated)

There is a problem. There was a technical malfunction in the operation of the Sberbank Online application. As a result of this, users lost access to the application or encountered...


"Remover" of Chinese applications became a hit on Android

Millions of downloads! Little-known Chinese applications always cause concern among users of Android smartphones, including those from the Chinese brands Xiaomi, Huawei and others. Indian developers from OneTouch AppLabs studio...


How to enable the quick payment system in Sberbank and stop overpaying

It's important to know! In May 2020, Sberbank officially connected to the fast payment system of the Central Bank. Thanks to this, Sberbank customers have the opportunity to instantly transfer...

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