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IOS 13 beta 3 released – what's new

Fresh beta! Apple continues to refine iOS 13.3 firmware. Today, the company released the third beta version of iOS 13.3 for registered developers. According to the description, the firmware carried...


IOS 13.3 beta 3 for everyone released – full list of innovations

What's new? Apple has released the third public beta of iOS 13.3 for test program participants. The firmware carried out optimization work and fixed errors that were previously fixed in...


Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot – how to check for sure

Have you noticed that your battery is pretty exhausted? It's too early to panic! After the scandal with the deliberate slowdown of the iPhone at the end of last year,...


iOS 13.3 boosts iPhone SE and iPhone 6s

Beta testers are happy. IPhone SE and iPhone 6s / 6s Plus users praised iOS 13.3, the third beta of which was released this week. According to reviews on the...


IOS 13.3 beta 2 released – what's new

You can download! Apple has released the second beta version of iOS 13.3 firmware. The update became available to registered developers and users who installed the developer profile. A similar...


iOS 13.3 pleased with the speed. Comparison with iOS 13.2.2

There are improvements! Apple continues to work to improve iOS 13 in terms of performance. Testing of the second beta version of iOS 13.3, which was released on November 12,...


Apple released iOS 13.3 beta 2 for everyone – what's new

New beta for users. Participants in the Apple testing program gained access to the second beta version of iOS 13.3. The firmware came out a few hours after the launch...


Apple has banned the installation of iOS 13.2

It can no longer be installed. Apple stopped signing iOS 13.2 firmware. From today, users cannot install firmware or roll back to it from newer versions. The ban on iOS...


iOS 13.2.2 fixed all major iPhone issues. Why not before?

What is the reason? Released on November 7, iOS 13.2.2 firmware really pleased users. In it, Apple developers fixed the main and most annoying problems of iOS 13, which iPhone...


IOS 13.3 beta 1 suddenly released – what's new

New beta! Apple unexpectedly released the first beta version of iOS 13.3, the third major update for the iOS 13 operating system. The firmware became available for installation to registered...


iOS 13.3 fixed a major flaw in iOS 13.2

Hurrah! The first beta version of iOS 13.3 released on November 5 fixed the main problem of the previous stable iOS 13.2 firmware. In iOS 13.3 beta 1, Apple developers...


Sadness. Apple doesn't listen to beta testers – that's why such bugs in iOS 13

When will everything change? The iOS 13 operating system turned out to be fast, with a lot of new long-awaited functions, but, alas, with bugs. And it seems that with...

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