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Fake rating cameras. DxOMark takes huge money for smartphone sales reviews

Here it is. DxOMark laboratory receives € 100 thousand (about 6.8 million rubles) for creating a positive review of smartphone cameras. This was reported by a Chinese insider Digital Chat...


Comparison of cameras: Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs Mate 30 Pro, Galaxy Fold, iPhone 11 and Galaxy Note10 + (voting)

At the end of the year, the editors managed to bring together several models of smartphones that occupy the first lines in the ranking of DxOMark cameras in one period...


What will the iPhone 12 look like in the style of the iPhone 4 with four cameras (concept)

Interesting! In 2020, Apple will release the iPhone 12 with an updated design with rectangular side faces in the style of iPhone 4. The smartphone will have four cameras at...


Haha Fake cameras have appeared to “turn” any iPhone into the iPhone 11 Pro

Started! It was only a matter of time. Special covers for iPhone cameras began to be sold on AliExpress and other popular online shopping sites. The pads are made in...


The new DOOGEE smartphone for 10 thousand. 3 cameras, 64 GB of memory and 10,000 (!!!) mAh

Characteristics in conjunction with price are intriguing. The Chinese company DOOGEE has announced the release of its flagship budget smartphone, DOOGEE N100. The company is sure that their product is...


iPhone 11 – familiar design and new cameras

Last year, Apple decided to experiment with its line of smartphones for the first time by introducing, along with the top models, their simplified version called iPhone Xr. Suddenly, even...


Apple accused of stealing technology for creating dual cameras

This has never happened, and here again. Apple has filed another lawsuit related to patent infringement. This time, the company is accused of stealing technology to create dual-camera smartphones. The...


How the iPhone 12 will look frameless and with four cameras

Like that. iPhone 12 sample 2020 will be very different from previous models. This was recently announced by authoritative analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who never makes mistakes in his predictions. It...