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Smartphones will soon learn to change the color of the back panels

One of the biggest tech companies is already working on it. Recently, an insider from the world of technologies Ice Universe posted a video of a prototype of a new...


The packaging of the iPhone 12 will change dramatically, becoming "exquisite"

All because charging will not be included. Apple will change the packaging for smartphones from the iPhone 12 and all future iPhone models. According to insider L0vetodream, the boxes for...


Suddenly! iOS 14 will not – iOS will change its name

There you go! Apple will change the name of the operating system for the iPhone. Instead of iOS 14, the company will release iPhone OS. This was announced today by...


iPhone 12 will change inside

Not just outside. In smartphones from the iPhone 12 line, the internal design will be redesigned. This was indicated by the published snapshot of the updated motherboard designed for one...


Serial numbers of iPhone and other Apple devices will change

Already at the end of the year. Apple will change the serial number format for its devices at the end of 2020. The company will begin to assign randomly generated...