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"People's" iPhone SE 2020 has become cheaper

The smartphone has fallen in price in unofficial retail. The price of the 2nd generation iPhone SE dropped in the second half of July. According to the Yandex.Market service, the...


Xiaomi creates a cheaper fitness band Mi Band 4C

For those who want more budget. Xiaomi is developing a “simplified” and cheaper version of the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet. According to a recent leak, the company is preparing...


The latest Apple Watch has become cheaper

True, so far slowly. Apple Watch Series 5 first began to fall in price in official Russian retail in 2020. The price of smart watches decreased by 1-3 thousand rubles,...


🔥 Rushed! Apple's first new year: new cheaper Powerbeats

They have become cheaper! Apple launched its first device in 2020. The company has launched sales of new Powerbeats wireless headphones that have replaced Powerbeats3 Wireless in the Beats line...


The release dates of cheaper AirPods Pro Lite

Headphones are closer than many people think. Apple will release AirPods Pro Lite wireless headphones in mid-2020. Headphones will become the AirPods Pro entry model and will differ from them...


How much cheaper iPhone XR in 2020

How cheap will an already popular model become? In 2019, the iPhone XR decently fell in price, including in Russia, making the smartphone the most popular in the world. However,...


Overseas powerfully getting cheaper "Like new" iPhone. And we have sadness

There is something strange about the restored iPhone. Before the New Year, stores traditionally make discounts, including on the iPhone. Right now, all overseas resources about Apple trumpet only one...


iPhone 12 predicted to be even cheaper

Apple is heading for lower prices. Some 2020 iPhone models may be cheaper than current Apple smartphones. This conclusion was made by the expert and editor of the iMore publication...


Xiaomi Mi Watch is a complete clone of the Apple Watch, but at times cheaper. Who should buy?

Found out. On November 5, the Chinese company Xiaomi introduced another interesting novelty – its first smart watch, Mi Watch. The new Xiaomi gadget is very similar to the "smart"...


Used iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 continue to get cheaper. Worth buying?

Yes and no. The release of iOS 13 hit the price of the used iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Smartphones did not receive support for iOS 13,...


The figure of the day: how much cheaper the iPhone 11 Pro in Russia

Decently! The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max went on sale just three weeks ago. Despite this, smartphones have already fallen in price, both in...

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