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Not everyone is happy. IPhone owners complain of quick discharge after upgrade

And again the same rake. IPhone users complained about the quick discharge of smartphones after installing the iOS 13.5 update. According to reviews, problems with reduced autonomy were found among...


Do you hear that? IPhone owners complain about echo

The problem. IPhone users have complained of an echo during calls. According to reviews on the official Apple forum, many users have experienced a problem after installing one of the...


Xiaomi owners complain about slow MIUI 11

MIUI 10 is considered faster. Xiaomi smartphone users complained that the new version of the MIUI 11 shell is slower compared to MIUI 10. Owners of various models, including the...


IPhone X owners complain about battery degradation

Battery problems. The remaining battery capacity of the iPhone X smartphones acquired in 2017 began to fall below a critical level of 80%. IPhone X users complained about this on...

The first users of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about problems with sound and image


The first users of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about problems with sound and image

To the small problems of Apple MacBook Pro laptops, a couple more have been added, and they relate to the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro with the "new" Magic Keyboard. No,...


Calls from 900 – who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank

We got a reply. Calls from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank is one of the most common phone scams. How does it work and what does Sberbank say...


Users complain about the iPadOS. Firmware quickly discharges devices

Suddenly. Apple Tablet PCs are the ultimate battery life record holders. The company says that absolutely any iPad can work up to 10 hours in mixed mode. This indicator has...


Suddenly: users complain about iOS 13.1.2. What about you? (poll)

Not everyone has a problem, but enough complaints. The launch of iOS 13 went without major scandals and reports of massive problems. However, not everyone is happy with the new...