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99% accurate. Spotify launch in Russia almost completely confirmed

Looking forward to tomorrow! Spotify has updated its user agreement to include a number of new countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The changes came a day before the...


iPhone 12 will be released in a completely new color

It looks great! Apple will release smartphones from the line of iPhone 12 in a new color. According to Max Weinbach, a trusted insider, smartphones will be featured in Navy...


Android 11 found a completely new way to interact with a smartphone

There is no such thing on the iPhone. Beta testers of the first tested version of Android 11 found an unusual feature in the firmware. The new operating system has...


Apple held a secret meeting and approved two completely new devices

Suddenly! Apple has approved the release dates for a headset with augmented reality support at a closed employee meeting in October. The company intends to release the first model of...