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5 great movies to watch after a hard day

Choose! Not sure which movie to watch after a busy day? We will tell you! In this collection, five films from different genres were collected, from the modern romantic drama...


The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on March 17. Over 650 deaths per day

Scary statistics. 656 people died from coronavirus per day. In Russia, 30 new cases of infection have been identified; the Russian government temporarily restricted the entry of foreign citizens into...


The main thing about the coronavirus 2019-nCoV on February 10. Almost 100 deaths per day – this is the maximum

All the most important news about coronavirus. Statistics continue to deteriorate: 97 people died from coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours. The FAS will check Russian pharmacies for overpricing...


Video of the day: how the popularity of smartphones has changed in the past decade

It looks impressive. YouTube channel DataLearn has published a video with infographics that clearly shows how the popularity of smartphones of various brands has changed in the past decade. The...


Photo of the day: “perfect” iPhone 12 with one camera

Like? What would the next iPhone look like if Apple suddenly took into account the basic wishes of users? An enthusiast with Reddit asked this question and created a render...


Photo of the day: what the fourth camera will look like in iPhone 12

She will become very noticeable. iPhone 12 will be equipped with a system of four cameras, this became known in October. In addition to three cameras familiar from the iPhone...


New to the day: “frameless” 16-inch MacBook Pro

At last! Apple has released the new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch Retina display, which has become the largest for the company's laptops. The new MacBook Pro is equipped with...


Photo of the day: what the iPhone 12 will look like in the new design

Handsomely? According to numerous leaks, including from reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 12 will receive a redesign. The new flagship Apple should get a redesigned case with rectangular faces...


What to buy on the last day of the total sale of AliExpress? There are burning goods

Parse! Didn’t have time to buy anything at the grand sale of AliExpress and Tmall in honor of the Single Day? There is still time, the main thing is to...


New to the day: the “perfect” clone AirPods Pro is already on sale

The price is four times lower. Chinese craftsmen have created a "perfect" clone of the latest AirPods Pro headphones. Fake earphones called APods Pro 3 have already begun to be...


AirPods 2 dropped right on AirPods Pro launch day

I did not have to wait. Today, October 30, Apple launched official sales of AirPods Pro, including in Russia. The leading Russian stores immediately responded to this, which reduced the...


Photo of the day: what iPhone 12 will look like without a “brow” and in the style of iPhone 4

Nice! According to recent leaks, Apple will be able to abandon the notch for the front camera in the iPhone 2020 model. This means that the upper display frame, which...

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