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Chrome update made pages load faster

The new version is available to everyone right now. The new version of the browser Google Chrome 85.0 has accelerated the loading of web pages and made changes to the...


iPhone prettier on iOS 13.5. Firmware makes smartphones faster

Beta testers noticed this. Released on April 29, iOS 13.5 beta 3 accelerated the iPhone compared to the latest iOS 13.4.1 firmware. According to tests, the speed of iOS 13.5...


iPhone SE (2020) is faster than iPhone 8. But the difference is not impressive

Many will be surprised. The 2nd generation iPhone SE is most praised for the high performance provided by the powerful A13 Bionic processor. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted the...


All iPhone 12 models get faster wireless charging

It is high time! Upcoming iPhones will charge faster wirelessly. Apple will equip all 2020 iPhone models with support for fast wireless charging. This was reported today by Forbes, citing...


New record: Galaxy Fold is faster than iPhone 11 Pro Max

Suddenly! Samsung Galaxy Fold, an innovative folding smartphone, after a series of long-term failures, still hit the shelves. The novelty can already be purchased in South Korea, the USA and...


iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS. How new is faster?

Performance comparison. The updated line of Apple smartphones has recently gone on sale, and many are now wondering if it is worth updating your last year's or older iPhone to...