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VKontakte has a better feature for those who are pissed off by voice messages

Cool innovation. VKontakte took care of users who do not like to listen to voice messages. In the social network application for iPhone and Android smartphones, a function for converting...


The long-awaited tab grouping feature will appear in Chrome

At last! In the Google Chrome browser, it will be possible to group tabs aimed at improving user productivity. The innovation will be added to Chrome in May, becoming available...


Named the most useless (and dangerous) feature of the latest smartphones

On the iPhone, there is none. Resource experts Wccftech called the most useless feature in the flagship smartphones of the 2020 model. According to them, this is the function of...


IOS 14 code leak revealed a new firmware feature

Mouse cursors appear. Apple is developing enhanced mouse support in iOS 14. According to the iOS 14 code leak received by 9to5Mac, the firmware will also support additional actions when...


The iPhone feature has compromised user data. Apple does not intend to fix it

The company does not consider this a vulnerability. Developer Tommy Misk discovered a critical vulnerability in the iOS operating system. The “security hole” found on the iPhone allows malicious applications...


IPhone's hidden feature makes apps easier to use

Use it! In all applications on the iPhone running iOS 13, support for a special function has appeared that greatly simplifies their use. The function allows you to quickly navigate...


Named the main feature of the following iPhone and iPad

Apple has its own vision. The following Apple devices will make a big bet on augmented reality. According to a reputable Bloomberg publication, Apple has developed a new 3D sensor...


Bug or feature ?! IOS 13 found a mode of working with two applications at the same time

Like on an iPad! In iOS 13, the mode of working with two applications at the same time on the iPhone may appear. This was indicated by a failure in...


Survey results. How excited are people about the Apple Watch’s sleep tracking feature?

Spoiler: very happy! A new feature, which will require users to wear an Apple watch while sleeping, may appear next week during the long-awaited presentation on September 10th. Apple Watch...


IPhone secret feature that units know about

Did you know? Many iPhone users are so experienced that they don't seem to be surprised by any of the hidden features of a smartphone. However, we continue to find...


Hidden feature iOS 13 allows you to go into iCloud without a password

Cool feature! Apple developers are testing iCloud authorization without having to enter a password in iOS 13. On an iPhone running iOS 13 beta, logging into an iCloud account is...

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