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Tag - Fraudsters


Fraudsters cheat Russians by offering free iPhone 11

Be careful! Rostelecom warned the Russians about using a new fraudulent method. Attackers mass-send messages allegedly on behalf of the company, offering potential victims to get a free iPhone 11...


Cards are at stake. Fraudsters have found a new method of stealing the money of Russians

Banks know about him. Representatives of leading Russian banks spoke about a new method of withdrawing stolen money, which is actively used by scammers. Attackers began to use a method...


Fraudsters call from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank. How to protect yourself?

It's important to know! Recently, scammers have begun to use a new method of telephone attack on Russians. They use a special service to change the number, making massive calls...


Fraudsters use a new scheme. Act on behalf of leading banks and know the names of the victims

The main thing is to be vigilant. Internet scammers have begun to use the new original scheme of deceiving Russians. This was reported by Russian citizens who have encountered fraud...