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A reminder for Trump? Apple said it has created more than 2.4 million jobs in the US alone

Apple has published a voluminous press release in which it spoke about its role in creating jobs in the US home market. It begins with an inspiring story about how,...


Everything we know about the Apple Watch Series 5

Apple's new smartwatch may be released as early as next month. Apple usually presents new versions of its Apple Watch in September, so with a high probability Apple Watch Series...


Trump has postponed the introduction of import duties on Chinese goods until the Christmas holidays

The US Presidential Administration decided to postpone until December 15 the introduction of new duties on consumer electronics imported from China, thereby giving gadget manufacturers a delay. In a statement,...


Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

We answer – no! There is a surprisingly widespread belief that smartphones should be charged exclusively with the native chargers included. And if, suddenly, the power adapter is broken, you...


Cybersecurity experts have found a new way to trick Face ID. To do this, they needed to “put to sleep” the owner of the iPhone

At the Black Hat 2019 conference, security experts from Tencent showed how to trick the Face ID unlock system used on Apple smartphones with ordinary glasses and scotch tape. The...


Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

Choosing an Apple smartphone model for yourself. You don’t have an iPhone yet, but want to purchase one? Or are you planning to change the outdated model of Apple's smartphone...


Analysts predict a significant drop in sales of “iPhone” in the US

In 2020, they may decline by 6-8 million devices. Analysts predict a serious decline in demand for Apple's smartphones in 2020 in the United States. And this, by the way,...


Apple stopped listening to Siri requests

Similarly, the voice assistant quality control program has been temporarily suspended. An early edition of the Guardian wrote that contractors gain access to voice requests from users of Apple gadgets....


iPhone may be hacked via text message

How to protect yourself? Google experts found 6 vulnerabilities in Apple devices – and the Cupertinians have still not fixed them all. Using these security holes, attackers can gain access...


Apple increases research and development costs

The Cupertinians spent almost 8% of their income on this. In the third fiscal quarter, Apple spent $ 4.2 billion on research and development. This is 7.9% of total revenue...


Apple has registered two new iPad models at ECE

They have already passed ECE certification. Two new iPad tablets – for model numbers A2200 and A2232 – have been certified by the Eurasian Economic Commission. Both gadgets use the...


Apple Card users will not be allowed to buy cryptocurrency and place bets

Using an Apple Card, the release of which, according to Bloomberg, is scheduled for the first half of August, it will be forbidden to buy cryptocurrency, casino gaming chips, lottery...

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