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256GB iPhone XS drops dramatically after iPhone 11

A smartphone is cheaper than ever. The fever on iPhone 11 is in full swing – people are discussing and actively buying current iPhones. Indeed, both the basic “eleventh” and...


Is 5G launch just around the corner? Fifth Generation Networks Tested in Russia

5G test networks are breaking speed records. Telecommunications operator MTS and Samsung at the exhibition M.Video Electronics Show showed what fifth-generation networks are capable of. The partners deployed a dedicated...


Top Vietnamese (!) Vsmart smartphones are now in Russia. Xiaomi tightened

Vietnamese quality = Soviet quality. Smartphones are manufactured by VinSmart, which is part of the Vingroup group of companies. A few words should be said about the latter. In her...


Installed iOS 13.1 on iPhone SE. This is a delight, but there are a couple of stocks

The dark topic is not very. Yes it is. We must start with the fact that I have a relatively recent iPhone. I described my first impressions of him here....


iPhone 6s survived a fall from an airplane and year in the wilderness of Iceland

Nokia 3310 is resting! The iPhone 6s turned on after it crashed from a plane from a height of 60 meters and spent a year in the wild of Iceland....


Technobloger tested iPhone 11 Pro Max for durability

Zach Nielsen, author of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, is known for his love of gadget strength testing. Most recently, he conducted a destructive test of the long-suffering Galaxy Fold, dwelling...


Which iPhone 11 people are going to buy? Survey results

Spoiler: the best part is nothing. Already today, Western users will have the opportunity to pre-order the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. In Russia, pre-order will be...


The first photos from the iPhone 11 in night mode appeared on the network

The results are impressive. Improved camera performance in low light in the iPhone 11 line was one of the most anticipated features from the survey. The Apple team proudly talked...


Comparison of Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4. What are the differences

What is the difference between a watch? They told. The new Apple Watch Series 5 received a special display that never turns off. What else is there in a smart...


New “iPhones” will be called iPhone 11, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max

This was reported by a reputable analyst from Bloomberg. Bloomberg analyst Mark Gourmet, whose predictions about the iPhone in the past were often confirmed subsequently, said that Apple would name...


IFA 2019 has just begun, but has already managed to surprise

We tell what. The annual IFA in Berlin presents the latest products and innovations. The event sets trends, and from year to year, an increasing number of people are interested...


Studies have shown that people do not really need 5G (for now)

People are ready to wait, as long as they like, until the technology becomes perfect. Strategy Analytics says that every second owner of modern smartphones does not see for themselves...

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