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IOS 12.4.4 released for older devices with important fixes

Apple has not forgotten about the old iPhone and iPad. Following iOS 13.3, Apple released the final version of iOS 12.4.4 for older devices without iOS 13 support. There were...


Bureaucratic mistake prevents Russia from collecting “tax on Google”

The problem is being solved. Russia is unable to collect “tax on Google” from foreign companies due to a bureaucratic error. Russian banks reject payments due to a lack of...


Apple, Google and Microsoft signed a letter of support for the Paris Agreement

The Donald Trump administration is probably already withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, but a significant part of technology companies are opposed to this decision. CEOs of many companies, including giants...


Apple commented on the designation of Crimea as part of Russia – this is a requirement of local law

Apple’s decision regarding the geographical location of Crimea and the display of the annexed Ukrainian peninsula in its services as an administrative unit of Russia, albeit only for Russia, was...


Apple is changing the approach – there shouldn’t be any problems with future updates of problems like iOS 13

The release of the latest version of iOS 13, as you know, was very problematic. Actually, just the other day, the latest iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 firmware updates for...


New details about the PlayStation 5 revealed

Fresh information. The editor of the foreign publication Kotaku Jason Schreyer shared fresh leaks regarding the Sony PlayStation 5 game console. According to him, the PlayStation 5 will focus on...


Comparison of Siri and Google Assistant 2.0. Siri is slower and dumber

Interesting testing. The new version of the "smart" assistant Google Assistant 2.0 faster and more accurately execute commands compared to Siri. A comparison of voice assistants showed that Google was...


Last quarter, 14.2 million smart watches were sold (an increase of 42%), every second – Apple Watch

The analytical company Strategy Analytics has prepared a fresh report on the alignment of forces in the smart watch market in the third quarter. According to him, Apple with the...


Calls from 900 – who is this and who to complain to? Learned right at Sberbank

We got a reply. Calls from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank is one of the most common phone scams. How does it work and what does Sberbank say...


Vladimir Zelensky: “Ukraine is Apple starting its journey in the garage”

President Vladimir Zelensky, speaking at the investment forum “RE: THINK Invest in Ukraine” in Mariupol, compared Ukraine to Apple, and also recalled the success stories of Google and WhatsApp. It...


"IOS 13.2 is beautiful." What beta testers say about firmware

Reviews on iOS 13.2. Over the past few weeks, iOS 13 has received a lot of criticism. Current firmware versions contain quite unpleasant bugs that annoy users. It seems that...


Dark theme saves iPhone battery: true or myth?

Only reliable information. Numerous user wishes were heard – Apple added a dark mode to iOS 13. But in addition to the aesthetic component, the night theme can be of...

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