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New bank fraud aimed at Android smartphones

IPhone owners are out of danger. Hackers began to attack Russian users using a new method. The owners of Android smartphones that are being attacked using a new type of...


WhatsApp is at stake. Hackers send out malicious video

It is important to upgrade. WhatsApp messenger detected a new critical vulnerability. A specially created MP4 file launches remote execution of malicious code on iPhone and Android devices. This allows...


The best hackers could not crack the iPhone for money

The defense did not flinch. Leading developers could not crack the iPhone 11 at the Tianfu Cup hacker competition held in China. Developers from China and other countries were powerless...


An “eternal” jailbreak for iPhone is coming soon. Why is that cool?

The wait is not long. At the end of September, the jailbreak community was shocked by an unexpected find – the axi0mX hacker was able to detect a critical vulnerability...


Jailbreak released for iOS 12.4

We’ll tell you how to install it. A team of hackers from @ pwn20wnd released a new version of their Unc0ver utility – updating it to 3.5.0 opens the possibility...


Critical vulnerabilities found in Windows again

Calmly, everything is under control. Microsoft security experts have discovered and fixed two new vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. You may be in danger if you use Windows 10...


Apple has expanded the reward program for errors found, it includes more software platforms and increased payments up to $ 1 million

Apple has announced the launch of an expanded reward program for errors found in its products. It provides payments for the detection and disclosure of vulnerabilities in macOS, tvOS, watchOS...


iPhone may be hacked via text message

How to protect yourself? Google experts found 6 vulnerabilities in Apple devices – and the Cupertinians have still not fixed them all. Using these security holes, attackers can gain access...


Apple, Google, Microsoft and WhatsApp opposed the British government, which wanted to be able to read encrypted messages.

Large technology companies have long resisted government attempts to access messages and conversations in user chat. The next step in this struggle was an open letter addressed to the UK...


A group with pornographic content hacked M.Video on VKontakte and promised iPhones to people

Powerful hacking. The official group of the M.Video network on VKontakte was hacked by unknown hackers. Subscribers of the M.Video group and users who previously corresponded with her through private...


Hackers use iPhone prototypes for developers (stolen from Foxconn factories) to break into consumer iPhones. They buy them on the black market for several thousand dollars

From time to time, there are online publications about companies that allegedly have the appropriate tools to bypass the protection and hacking of modern smartphones, be it Apple iPhone or...

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