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5 cool but hidden iPhone chips

A selection of useful features. Although there are not a million hidden functions on the iPhone, but many of them have been described more than once, you can always find...


IOS 13.4 found an important hidden innovation

You need to know about him. In iOS 13.4 firmware released on March 24, an important hidden innovation was discovered, the mention of which was not in the description of...


IPhone's hidden feature makes apps easier to use

Use it! In all applications on the iPhone running iOS 13, support for a special function has appeared that greatly simplifies their use. The function allows you to quickly navigate...


5 best hidden Easter eggs on iPhone and Mac

Interesting! There are many Easter eggs in Apple products. In them, Apple thanks its employees and customers, pays close attention to details or simply teaches others (most often Microsoft). About...


Hidden feature iOS 13 allows you to go into iCloud without a password

Cool feature! Apple developers are testing iCloud authorization without having to enter a password in iOS 13. On an iPhone running iOS 13 beta, logging into an iCloud account is...