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Crazy generosity: Windows 10 and Office give off with a huge discount

🤑 Profitable! Licensed software traditionally repels many users with its high cost. This is especially true for Windows and the office suite Microsoft Office. Everyone needs them, but not everyone...


Fake rating cameras. DxOMark takes huge money for smartphone sales reviews

Here it is. DxOMark laboratory receives € 100 thousand (about 6.8 million rubles) for creating a positive review of smartphone cameras. This was reported by a Chinese insider Digital Chat...


Compact or huge iPhone 12? Which one do you choose?

Or maybe even average? The controversy between fans of compact and oversized smartphones is unlikely to ever subside. Some people like small models like the iPhone SE, while others give...


💰 Sale 11.11 2019. How to catch really huge discounts

Useful tips. 11.11 2019 – the most powerful sale of the year on Aliexpress and other well-known Chinese trading floors. How to profit from it really big discounts? There are...


“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits

Haters were silent. Tonight, Apple reported success for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019. According to the report, over the past quarter, the company received revenue of $ 64 billion...