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The final version of macOS Catalina will be delayed

Now officially! Apple revealed the month of the final release of macOS 10.15 Catalina. Users will only be able to download and install the update in October. This was announced...


Apple TV + will be launched from November 1, 2019 for $ 4.99 per month

Apple has big plans to deploy a new streaming service. At the last presentation, the company announced the launch of an unprecedented global video service – Apple TV +. From...


Presented the final version of the standard USB 4

Some MacBook and iMac models already support high-speed data transfer technology. USB Promoter Group reports that the development of the final version of USB 4 is completed. The maximum data...


Parus Holding accused Apple of patent infringement. What will happen now?

Apple was sued, accusing the use of someone else's intellectual property. The company Parus Holding sued Apple, accusing the latter of using someone else's intellectual property. This is a patent...


Apple chief designer Joni Ive leaves the company. He decided to create his own design studio LoveFrom

Apple today made a very unexpected and important announcement, announcing the departure of one of the key top managers. Apple's chief designer Joni Ive, the man who made the software...


Apple has significantly reduced the cost of replacing SSDs in Mac computers; a 1 TB SSD is now available for the MacBook Air

Apple yesterday not only unveiled updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, simultaneously streamlining the model range of mobile PCs, but also made a number of changes relative to other...


macOS Catalina – the new Apple operating system for Mac

During the WWDC 2019 conference, Apple announced a new macOS Catalina operating system for Mac computers and laptops, which is scheduled for release this fall. In this release, Apple will...


Apple finally unveiled the updated Mac Pro, and with it the new Pro Cinema XDR monitor

The annual conference for WWDC developers began as usual with the presentation of new operating systems. Along with them, the public was pampered with the announcement of an updated Mac...


Apple named the best games and applications awarded the Apple Design Awards 2019

Apple has a tradition to choose applications every year with the best, in its opinion, design, innovation and technology, and this year was no exception. At the conference for WWDC...


Beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and macOS Catalina are already available for public testing.

The owners of current models of smartphones iPhone, tablets iPad and Mac computers can download the beta version of the corresponding software for their devices: iOS 13, iPadOS 13 and...


El nuevo Mac mini es comparable con la energía de Mac Pro

En menos de una semana antes de que oficialmente el comienzo de las ventas de la Mac mini, MacBook Air y el iPad Pro, en Geekbench comienzan a aparecer los...


Sin una declaración de guerra: Apple ha levantado el precio de los productos en rusia

Después de que ayer la presentación de los nuevos MacBook Air y el iPad Pro de Apple sin anuncio y explicación de la causa se levantó de precios similar a...

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