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Apple has found a new way to improve Face ID

And protect your iPhone from evil twins. Apple has patented its improved Face ID facial recognition technology, which scans based on the structure of the veins. Journalists of the foreign...


Innovation on the way. Found a way to improve smartphone batteries

Lithium will be a thing of the past. An international team of scientists from the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf, IBCP RAS and NUST MISIS have discovered an affordable alternative to lithium...


Do not miss the May update of Windows 10. It will improve Chrome

It is high time! The upcoming May update of Windows 10 will not only eliminate critical security bugs. As it turned out today, the update will affect the operation of...


Technology purchased by Apple will greatly improve the quality of photos on the iPhone

An important takeover of the IT giant. Apple absorbed the British startup Spectral Edge, known for developing a unique technology to improve the quality of photos in smartphones. As noted...


Apple is handsome. Improve iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 even after iOS 13

Well done! Apple has always been famous for its long-lasting iPhone support, especially compared to other manufacturers. It seems that in 2019 the company decided to jump above its head....