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iPhone 4s can be rolled back to the legendary iOS 6.1.3

And anyone can afford to buy an iPhone 4s! At the very beginning of 2018, a miracle happened – Apple had a bug and users became able to roll back...


Is iOS 13.2 poor in autonomy? But no. The firmware did not leave a chance for iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12

Here it is. Recently, many iPhone users have a new trend – to criticize iOS 13 for flaws and low battery life. It’s even more fashionable to recall “how good...


Who should install iOS 13.2, and who definitely doesn’t need

Tested and told. On Monday, October 28, Apple released the final version of iOS 13.2. The second major update of the iOS 13 operating system brought with it several innovations,...


Owners of older iPhone and iPad are advised to urgently install the iOS 10.3.4 update in order to avoid problems in GPS, Internet, email and other functions.

Users who still continue to actively use the fourth-generation iPhone 5 and iPad smartphones (with support for Wi-Fi and cellular networks) are advised to urgently update the operating system to...


When will iOS 13.3 come out with new features?

The first forecasts. In 2019, Apple developers simply can not be stopped. They release iOS updates one by one, far ahead of the standard launch schedule for iPhone firmware. It...


An “eternal” jailbreak for iPhone is coming soon. Why is that cool?

The wait is not long. At the end of September, the jailbreak community was shocked by an unexpected find – the axi0mX hacker was able to detect a critical vulnerability...


Jailbreak iOS 13 is almost ready. Will it be possible to roll back to iOS 10 and iOS 9?

Answered the main question. Famous hacker Luka Todesko is actively working on the iOS 13 jailbreak utility using the checkm8 hardware exploit. The main feature of this exploit is the...


When iOS 13.2 comes out

Release date iOS 13.2 according to the forecast of the publisher. Apple began testing iOS 13.2 firmware in early October, giving developers and users access to the first beta. When...


iOS 13 left no chance of "high-speed" iOS 10

Dry victory. Among iPhone users, there is a widespread belief that iOS 10 is superior to newer firmware in terms of speed. Comparison of the “live” performance of iOS 10.3.3...


What's up with Apple? Bugs in iOS 13 are fixed instantly

Apple pleases! The final version of iOS 13 was released on September 19, a little over a week ago. During this time, Apple managed to release as many as two...


Google has identified an iOS security vulnerability that allowed infected sites to massively crack iPhone

Security researchers working with the Google Project Zero team claim to have discovered several hacked websites that used previously unknown security vulnerabilities to indiscriminately attack any iPhone visiting the site....


Mejor tarde que nunca: el gobierno italiano ha multado a Apple y Samsung por la deliberada de la desaceleración de los smartphones

De los juicios, debido a la deliberada de la desaceleración de iPhone por el fabricante aún no ha terminado. Además de las investigaciones y los procesos judiciales en los estados...

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