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FAS demanded that Apple stop rejecting apps from the App Store for any reason

Another attack on Apple. The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia demanded that Apple remove from the App Store rules a clause that allows the company to reject applications for any...


IOS 12.4.8 released for older iPhones and iPads. It is important to install

Downloading! Following the final version of iOS 13.6, Apple has released iOS 12.4.8 for older iPhone and iPad models. According to the description of the update, it includes important security...


Android never dreamed of. Apple boasts the popularity of iOS 13

Impressive performance. Apple has published recent statistics on the prevalence of various versions of iOS among the company's mobile devices. According to current statistics, iOS 13 is installed on a...


The dark theme got to the Google app on the iPhone. How to turn it on?

Everything is very simple (but you may have to wait). Google has added dark theme support to its iPhone search engine of the same name. A dark theme will become...


Failed to hide. Xiaomi head secretly uses iPhone

Oops Xiaomi founder and CEO Lei Jun secretly uses the iPhone. This became known after the next publication of Jun in the Weibo social network, which he did using the...


iPhone 6s on iOS 14: will it support

Should I wait for the update? Over the past few months, it has become known that iOS 14 will become an innovation-rich update for the iPhone. The firmware may even...


When iOS 14 beta 1 comes out

The release date of the first beta version of iOS 14. Apple seemed to heed our recent call and announced the date of the WWDC 2020 conference. The conference opening...


iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 are listening through the security hole. Bug used in China

The vulnerability is fixed, but not on all smartphones. The Chinese group of hackers Evil Eye is actively exploiting a vulnerability in iOS 12, dubbed Insomnia. The “hole” in the...


WhatsApp dark theme will not appear on older iPhone

And even on many new ones. The dark theme of the WhatsApp interface for iPhone will be available only to users of smartphones running iOS 13. This was revealed from...


iOS 13.3 compared with iOS 12 in runtime

The situation is depressing. Apple developers were not able to optimize the battery life of the iPhone in iOS 13.3 so that it became higher than in iOS 12.4.1. A...


iOS 12.4.4 pleased the owners of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 with the speed of work

Performance increased! IPhone 5s and iPhone 6 users praised iOS 12.4.4 for the unexpectedly released this week. According to reviews on the Reddit resource, under the video with firmware tests...


IOS 12.4.4 released for older devices with important fixes

Apple has not forgotten about the old iPhone and iPad. Following iOS 13.3, Apple released the final version of iOS 12.4.4 for older devices without iOS 13 support. There were...

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