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A-Service – a new level of services and a global guarantee for Apple in Ukraine P

A-Service is the leader in the Ukrainian market for the provision of AUTHORIZED services for servicing the entire line of Apple equipment. Is it necessary to remind that only authorized...


Public iPadOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new

Updated firmware has become even more stable. Following the 6th test build of the iPadOS 13 operating system for developers, Apple released the public iPadOS 13 beta 5, which is...


Apple has expanded the reward program for errors found, it includes more software platforms and increased payments up to $ 1 million

Apple has announced the launch of an expanded reward program for errors found in its products. It provides payments for the detection and disclosure of vulnerabilities in macOS, tvOS, watchOS...


Apple discontinued support for iOS 12.3 after the release of iOS 12.4

Rollback on iOS 12.3, 12.3.1 and 12.3.2 is no longer possible. After the July 22 release of the iOS 12.4 update, Apple stopped signing past versions of the operating system...


Apple has registered two new iPad models at ECE

They have already passed ECE certification. Two new iPad tablets – for model numbers A2200 and A2232 – have been certified by the Eurasian Economic Commission. Both gadgets use the...


Apple will release a frameless 16-inch MacBook Pro

Its dimensions will be comparable to the current 15-inch model. Rumors that Apple plans to release a new 16-inch MacBook Pro have been on the net for quite some time....


IPad OS 13 Beta 5 Released – How to Install What's New

A new version of the OS is released for application developers. Apple released the iPad OS 13 beta 5 yesterday, July 29th. This firmware is designed for developers of applications...


MTS hosts Apple Day

Discounts on Apple products are valid only one day! An action called "Apple Day" is taking place in the MTS online store. You can buy gadgets from Cupertino with big...


Analysts: iPhone 11 will receive support for the Apple Pencil stylus, but will maintain the current price level

The upcoming Apple iPhone 11 smartphone (or iPhone XI, depending on which name the manufacturer chooses) will definitely get new features. But since support for 5G this year is not...


Apple earned record revenue, but profits fell, and iPhone sales yielded less than half of revenue.

Apple has published a report on financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2019, which corresponds to the second calendar quarter. In the reporting period, Apple received a total...

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