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The European Parliament has voted for a single charge for mobile devices. And that Apple will finally switch to USB-C in the iPhone?

On January 31, 2020, the European Parliament nevertheless approved the same resolution providing for the adoption of a unified standard for charging mobile devices to reduce electronic waste – 582...


iPhone 12 does not go up much

Good news. Apple will not greatly increase prices for the iPhone 5 2020 model with support for 5G. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company will reduce the cost of...


Five models, a “rectangular” design in the style of iPhone 4, 5G and OLED screens (except for iPhone SE2). Well-known analyst told what the line of iPhone 2020 will be.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who from year to year is extremely accurate in predicting Apple's new products due to connections with component suppliers, shared his latest forecast for the next generation...


Owners of older iPhone and iPad are advised to urgently install the iOS 10.3.4 update in order to avoid problems in GPS, Internet, email and other functions.

Users who still continue to actively use the fourth-generation iPhone 5 and iPad smartphones (with support for Wi-Fi and cellular networks) are advised to urgently update the operating system to...


When did the iPhone come out?

We talk about when all the generations of iPhones were released. Apple smartphones continue to delight us for the past 12 years. During this time, the Cupertinians managed to release...


Apple will introduce iPhone 11 on September 10

At least, the editors of the authoritative CNET website are sure of this. The well-known English-language site CNET claims that Apple will present the iPhone 11, 11 Max and 11R...


How to punch IMEI iPhone

IMEI is a 15-digit international identifier that any mobile device has. You can learn IMEI by removing the SIM card tray, it is on it. In fact, IMEI is not...


Named the most successful iPhone design

This is a model that can be used with one hand. Have you guessed it? The official release of the iPhone 11 will be in mid-September. On the eve of...


What is the battery capacity of all iPhone models?

Characteristics of batteries of all iPhone models. Not everyone has the same selection criteria for smartphones. Someone needs a high-quality camera, someone cares more about the power of the processor,...


Apple reconoció el iPhone 5 obsoleto dispositivo

Esta semana Apple ha actualizado la lista de productos anteriores. Al 1 de noviembre de 2018, el iPhone 5 ahora se clasifica como obsoleto y publicada el funcionamiento de la...


Un grupo de chat en FaceTime quedará disponible para los iPhone y iPad

Uno de los más esperados de innovaciones iOS 12.1 grupo de chat de vídeo en FaceTime. Por desgracia, no todos los propietarios de iPhone y iPad podrán usarla. Sobre esto...


Benjamin Гескин compartió рендерами el nuevo iPad Pro

Hoy, 11 de octubre, el conocido concepto maker Benjamin Гескин compartió рендерами de la nueva generación de profesionales de las tabletas de Apple. A juzgar por las imágenes, el iPad...

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