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"People's" iPhone SE 2020 has become cheaper

The smartphone has fallen in price in unofficial retail. The price of the 2nd generation iPhone SE dropped in the second half of July. According to the Yandex.Market service, the...


IPhone owners will receive money from Apple for the deliberate slowdown. But not all

Apple will pay after all. Apple was ordered to pay $ 25 to every iPhone user that was affected by a performance optimization feature that slowed down smartphones with depleted...


10 gorgeous things with AliExpress. Hits of this summer

Checked! You can take it. AliExpress is full of low-quality products, but there are some great things you can buy for ridiculous money. 10 popular products from AliExpress were selected...


Android never dreamed of. Apple boasts the popularity of iOS 13

Impressive performance. Apple has published recent statistics on the prevalence of various versions of iOS among the company's mobile devices. According to current statistics, iOS 13 is installed on a...


⚡ iOS 14 revealed new Apple devices. Including budget iPhone SE 2

Big leak! In the leaked part of the iOS 14 code on the Internet, mentions of new Apple devices that are being prepared for launch are found. According to the...


IOS 12.4.4 released for older devices with important fixes

Apple has not forgotten about the old iPhone and iPad. Following iOS 13.3, Apple released the final version of iOS 12.4.4 for older devices without iOS 13 support. There were...


Used iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 continue to get cheaper. Worth buying?

Yes and no. The release of iOS 13 hit the price of the used iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Smartphones did not receive support for iOS 13,...


iPhone SE 2 will definitely come out. Who should buy it? Figured out

A smartphone for many. Apple will launch its new low-cost iPhone SE 2 smartphone in early 2020. Now this is practically a confirmed fact, since the launch of the smartphone...


Apple iPhone cases suddenly drop in price

Wait! Apple iPhone cases are famous for their unsurpassed quality, but at the same time huge, and sometimes even inadequate prices. Fortunately, from time to time, the leading Russian partners...


Where to go now iPhone 5s and iPhone 6? Sell ​​on Avito or leave

There is no more support. Trouble? iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have stopped updating. The other day, Apple released the final iOS 12.4.2 firmware for them, which...


The official release date of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

It’s not long to wait! Apple has announced the official release date for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 as part of its September presentation. The new operating system for iPhone...


Jailbreak released for iOS 12.4

We’ll tell you how to install it. A team of hackers from @ pwn20wnd released a new version of their Unc0ver utility – updating it to 3.5.0 opens the possibility...

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