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Apple accused of stealing technology for creating dual cameras

This has never happened, and here again. Apple has filed another lawsuit related to patent infringement. This time, the company is accused of stealing technology to create dual-camera smartphones. The...


IOS 13 beta 6 released – how to install what's new, reviews

This iOS 13 beta is for developers only. Everyone has a public beta of iOS 13. iOS 13 beta 6 was released on August 7, 2019. This firmware is intended...


Battery statistics on iPhone are lying a lot – how to check for sure

Have you noticed that your battery is pretty exhausted? It's too early to panic! After the scandal with the deliberate slowdown of the iPhone at the end of last year,...


Public iOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new, reviews

iOS 13 public beta 5 is available for installation to all owners of iPhone 6s, 6s +, 7, 7+, SE, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS and iPhone XS Max. On...


Which iPhone is better to buy in August 2019?

Choosing an Apple smartphone model for yourself. You don’t have an iPhone yet, but want to purchase one? Or are you planning to change the outdated model of Apple's smartphone...


MTS hosts Apple Day

Discounts on Apple products are valid only one day! An action called "Apple Day" is taking place in the MTS online store. You can buy gadgets from Cupertino with big...


Public iOS 13 beta 4 released – how to install what's new

For owners of the iPhone 6s … iPhone XS Max. On July 30, 2019, the fourth public beta version of iOS 13 firmware was released. Any owner of iPhone models...


What is the battery capacity of all iPhone models?

Characteristics of batteries of all iPhone models. Not everyone has the same selection criteria for smartphones. Someone needs a high-quality camera, someone cares more about the power of the processor,...


How to buy a new iPhone at a discount

MTS has a profitable evening promotion. In the online store "MTS" is the sale of smartphones Apple, during which you can buy the coveted gadgets are somewhat cheaper than from...


The third public iOS 13 has been released (for all)

Any iPhone owner can install this iOS 13. On July 18, 2019, the third public beta version of iOS 13 was released. It is available for installation for all iPhone...


IOS 12.4 beta 7 released – public and for developers

The release is just around the corner. On July 16th, the 7th beta version of iOS 12.4 was released in the evening. And both for developers and the public version...


The design of the iPhone 11 will not be "normal." Do not expect

It's time to get used to the design of the iPhone XI. Among the fans of Apple technology, there is a perception that the design of the iPhone 11 and...

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