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Accelerated discharge and interruptions during calls. The latest iOS 13.1.2 update brought new problems to iPhone users.

By the number of problems and various kinds of errors in recent OS updates with Microsoft (here) Apple can easily compete. Earlier this month, the latter released an iOS 13.1.2...


The iPhone 11 line is a success. Apple shares updated historic high

New record. Apple shares during today's trading surpassed the bar at $ 235. This is the record value of securities in the history of the company. The market capitalization of...


What will the iPhone 12 look like in the style of the iPhone 4 with four cameras (concept)

Interesting! In 2020, Apple will release the iPhone 12 with an updated design with rectangular side faces in the style of iPhone 4. The smartphone will have four cameras at...


Haha Fake cameras have appeared to “turn” any iPhone into the iPhone 11 Pro

Started! It was only a matter of time. Special covers for iPhone cameras began to be sold on AliExpress and other popular online shopping sites. The pads are made in...


Owners of iPhone 11 called the main plus of the smartphone

Expected. IPhone 11 users shared their impressions of the smartphone in the first weeks of use. The owners of the least expensive Apple smartphone of the year 2019 recognized the...


The figure of the day: how much cheaper the iPhone 11 Pro in Russia

Decently! The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max went on sale just three weeks ago. Despite this, smartphones have already fallen in price, both in...


OnePlus 7T Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Who is faster?

The winner is obvious. Or not? A couple of days ago, OnePlus held a grand event, in which it showed its most sophisticated smartphone – OnePlus 7T Pro. For many,...


Disclosed the cost of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. More expensive than many thought

Cost was higher than expected. In early September, Apple introduced its new smartphones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Many experts and analysts predicted that...


Video of the day: how mobile OS ascended and died. From Palm OS to iOS and Android

Ten years in one video. What operating systems were the most popular 10 years ago? And what has changed by 2019? YouTube channel Data Is Beautiful has published a dynamic...


iOS 13 has added cool new gestures for the iPhone. Few noticed them

We are using it! In iOS 13, a lot of innovations appeared, including many hidden ones, which not everyone noticed. For example, few people know about new convenient gestures for...


The official cost of repairing the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro announced

It’s not cheaper. Apple is known not only for the sky-high prices for its products, but also for its high prices for non-warranty repair services. Turning to the Apple Store...


Why is it time to stop calling the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 2 smartphone

The smartphone will be very different from SE, primarily in size. Now the headlines in the news portals are full of the name of the new budget smartphone from Apple,...

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