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Remote trade-in on iPhone and other Apple equipment appeared in Russia

Interesting offer. Cstore, an authorized Apple retailer in Russia, has launched a remote exchange program for old Apple devices for new ones. At the time of launch, the new program...


iPhone SE 2 for the first time fell in price in Russia

Not much, but this is the first discount. The 4.7-inch iPhone SE of the 2nd generation fell in price for the first time in the official Russian retail. The price...


Official: iPhone 12 will not be released in September

The start of sales of new Apple smartphones will be delayed. Apple has officially announced that the start of sales of smartphones from the iPhone 12 line will be delayed....


The top display bezel in the compact iPhone 12 will shrink

It will decrease by 15%. Apple will reduce the top bezel on the compact 5.4-inch iPhone 12. According to MacRumors, the top bezel will be reduced by about 15% compared...


Now you can estimate the dimensions of the compact iPhone 12

Straight to your iPhone! MacRumors has created a special wallpaper that allows you to estimate the approximate dimensions of the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 in development. The wallpaper clearly shows how...


Why is replacing glass on an iPhone more profitable than changing the display?

Price and process of glass plywood on iPhone X with photos. Smashed your iPhone and decided to fix the issue right away before the problem got bigger? Looking for a...


Beeline and Megafon launched eSIM

So far only in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Cellular operators "Beeline" and "Megafon" provided subscribers with the opportunity to connect a virtual SIM card (eSIM). The service was launched in...


IOS 14 beta 3 released – what's new

New beta version of iOS 14! Apple has released the third beta of iOS 14 to registered developers. According to the description of the firmware, previously detected errors have been...


Compact 5.4-inch iPhone 12 confirmed in new iOS 14 beta

It looks like Apple is not hiding its plans. IOS 14 beta 3 confirms Apple's plans to release a 5.4-inch iPhone 12. The firmware has updated the Zoom function to...


The iPhone function secretly sends your data and drains your smartphone. What to do?

It's important to know! The default Content Refresh feature is used by application developers to collect information from iPhone users. This was proved by the journalists of The Washington Post...


The A14 processor for the iPhone 12 is ready. Lit up in the photo

The characteristics are still a secret. Insider @loabaiTD posted a snapshot showing several Apple A14 processors that will be used in smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup. The image was...


Apple has found a new way to improve Face ID

And protect your iPhone from evil twins. Apple has patented its improved Face ID facial recognition technology, which scans based on the structure of the veins. Journalists of the foreign...

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