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IOS 12.4.8 released for older iPhones and iPads. It is important to install

Downloading! Following the final version of iOS 13.6, Apple has released iOS 12.4.8 for older iPhone and iPad models. According to the description of the update, it includes important security...


Here are some iPhones waiting. Disclosed the names of all iPhone 12

No surprises. Famous insider Fudge revealed the names of new smartphones from the iPhone 12 line. According to information from its sources, Apple will release four smartphones: iPhone 12, iPhone...


Look at the new iPhones. Layouts of all iPhone 12 in the photo

There is one unexpected change. It is already known that in the fall Apple will release four new iPhones at once. Among the new products will be a compact 5.4-inch...


Due to iOS 13.5, apps have broken on some iPhones

What is the matter is not yet clear. Some iPhone users upgraded to iOS 13.5 reported difficulties in launching applications. According to reviews on social networks and on the Apple...


Not just iPhones. Apple creates two new devices

We are waiting for them in 2020. Apple is developing two new devices that the company plans to release in 2020. According to Bloomberg, Apple is creating a compact and...


Everyone is buying used iPhones. How not to fall for a divorce?

Tips to follow. Since the end of March, Russia has recorded a large increase in demand for used smartphones. According to experts surveyed by Kommersant, this is due to the...

Apple has already lifted the ban on buying more than two iPhones in one hand (it was introduced only last Friday)


Apple has already lifted the ban on buying more than two iPhones in one hand (it was introduced only last Friday)

Only last Friday, Apple decided to limit the sale of iPhone smartphones worldwide, banning the sale of more than two iPhones in one hand. And before the new restrictions took...


Cook your iPhones. Possible release date for iOS 13.4 announced

The wait is not long. Apple may release iOS 13.4 update on Tuesday, March 17th. The Chinese payment system AliPay, which announced the appearance of Apple Pay support for customers...


There is no one to buy. Apple only sold 500,000 iPhones in China in February

This is much less than usual. Apple sold less than 500,000 iPhones in China in February due to the country's restrictions on the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. For comparison,...


New iPhones fell for the first time in Russia. And even the bestseller of the iPhone 11

The discounts are not huge, but the first and pleasant. As experts predicted, by March leading Russian retailers began to make discounts on current iPhone models. On February 26, the...


WhatsApp will stop working on older iPhones with iOS 8

It's important to know. The popular WhatsApp messenger will no longer be supported on iPhones running iOS 8 and older. The change will enter into force on February 1, 2020....

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