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The legendary "Gothic" will return to PC, PS5 and Xbox One X

Great news! THQ Nordic has announced plans to release a rethought remake of the legendary Gothic computer game on PC and next-generation consoles. To develop the game, the company will...


That's all. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer at Apple

Now for sure the end of an era. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer a member of Apple. From today, the creator of the design of the iPhone, iPad,...


iPhone 4s can be rolled back to the legendary iOS 6.1.3

And anyone can afford to buy an iPhone 4s! At the very beginning of 2018, a miracle happened – Apple had a bug and users became able to roll back...


The legendary Motorola RAZR is back. 3 reasons why the smartphone will be a hit

Presentation coming soon! Motorola has officially announced that the return of the legendary RAZR smartphone will take place on November 13. On this day, Motorola presents a unique smartphone with...