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The deal between the US and China avoids the rise in price of iPhone by $ 150

U.S. President Donald Trump's preliminary trade agreement with China, announced yesterday, saved Apple from higher prices for its products, including the iPhone. If the parties were not able to reach...


The "gaming" browser Opera GX released on macOS

In June of this year, Opera introduced the “gaming” browser Opera GX with a distinctive design, control over the load on the processor and memory, and other gaming functions. Today,...


Apple strongly recommends that owners of Pro Display XDR monitors with special glass nanotexture use only a branded cloth

Yesterday, Apple began taking pre-orders for the new Mac Pro, which, depending on the configuration, costs from $ 5,999 to $ 52,599. For this monstrous PC, Apple, as you know,...


Top-end Mac Pro PC costs almost $ 53 thousand – and Apple still sells wheels to it for $ 400

On December 10, Apple, as promised, began accepting pre-orders for the new high-performance Mac Pro computer, which was introduced back in June at WWDC 2019. The timing of the start...


Make at least $ 11,000. Tomorrow Apple will start accepting orders for the new professional Mac Pro PCs and Pro Display XDR monitor

Apple showed the new modular Mac Pro in the form factor “graters and a professional Pro Display XDR monitor with a resolution of 6K for it back in June at...


Apple named the best games and applications of 2019

As planned, late in the evening of December 2, Apple held a special event in New York, during which it summed up the outgoing 2019, naming the best, in its...


That's all. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer at Apple

Now for sure the end of an era. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer a member of Apple. From today, the creator of the design of the iPhone, iPad,...


Joni Ive officially left Apple

The fact that Apple's chief designer Joni Ive will leave the company we learned in the summer. Reporting the news, which was a complete surprise for everyone, Apple did not...


Suddenly! Apple will give a presentation on December 2

What to expect? Apple suddenly announced a winter presentation on December 2. According to the announcement, the presentation will be devoted to the best applications and games for the iPhone,...


Donald Trump asked Tim Cook to help with 5G in the US

As we know, US President Donald Trump advocates the early introduction of fifth-generation mobile communications in the United States. Moreover, he even wants to introduce 6G technology “as soon as...


Trump announced the opening of the "new" Apple factory in Texas. In fact, the company has been operating since 2013 and Apple does not belong

Last year, US President Donald Trump in an interview said that the United States sold Norway F-52 fighters, which, as it turned out, exist only in the game Call of...


Apple's next event will be held on December 2 (the best games and applications on the App Store will be announced)

This year, Apple decided not to hold the traditional October presentation, as a result, the new AirPods Pro wireless headphones, the 16-inch MacBook Pro in a new design with very...

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