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The troubled MacBook keyboard will go down in history. Apple is preparing a replacement

It is high time. Numerous rumors have received yet another confirmation – Apple will completely abandon the problematic butterfly mechanism in the new MacBooks. The company will switch to the...


When iOS 13.2 comes out

Release date iOS 13.2 according to the forecast of the publisher. Apple began testing iOS 13.2 firmware in early October, giving developers and users access to the first beta. When...


New Safari features in iOS 13

Yesterday, iOS 13 was released, which added to the devices running this operating system many new features, add-ons designed to improve the user experience, as well as countless useful, but...


The final version of macOS Catalina will be delayed

Now officially! Apple revealed the month of the final release of macOS 10.15 Catalina. Users will only be able to download and install the update in October. This was announced...


Presented the final version of the standard USB 4

Some MacBook and iMac models already support high-speed data transfer technology. USB Promoter Group reports that the development of the final version of USB 4 is completed. The maximum data...


ASBIS-Ukraine announced discounts on Apple MacBook, iPad and Apple Watch, dedicated to the beginning of the school year

ASBIS-Ukraine, the official distributor of Apple products in our country, announced the Back to school campaign for Ukrainian schoolchildren and students. Until the end of September, they are waiting for...


Without trial. Some airlines indiscriminately ban Apple MacBook Pro laptops

In June, Apple withdrew a batch of 15-inch MacBook Pros that were sold between September 2015 and February 2017 due to the threat of battery fire, and a month and...


New beta versions of macOS 10.15 Catalina released – developer beta 7 and public beta 6

Both public test firmware and beta for developers are available. Apple introduced the following builds of its operating system macOS 10.15 Catalina – the seventh beta is available for developers,...


Some airlines prohibit baggage allowance of the MacBook Pro, even if the model has not been recalled.

In June, Apple recalled the 2015 MacBook Pro with a Retina display, which was sold between September 2015 and February 2017. The batteries of these devices may overheat, therefore such...


Bloomberg talks about the new iPhone 11, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and Apple Watch

Shortly before the next presentation of the new Apple iPhone smartphones, Bloomberg published detailed information about these devices. In addition, journalists managed to get information about other Apple devices, including...


In the United States, it was banned to transport Apple MacBook Pro laptops that are subject to recall due to battery problems

Despite the fact that in June Apple launched a program for free replacement of batteries of a limited number of MacBook Pro laptops, which are prone to overheating and even...

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