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Top-end Mac Pro PC costs almost $ 53 thousand – and Apple still sells wheels to it for $ 400

On December 10, Apple, as promised, began accepting pre-orders for the new high-performance Mac Pro computer, which was introduced back in June at WWDC 2019. The timing of the start...


Make at least $ 11,000. Tomorrow Apple will start accepting orders for the new professional Mac Pro PCs and Pro Display XDR monitor

Apple showed the new modular Mac Pro in the form factor “graters and a professional Pro Display XDR monitor with a resolution of 6K for it back in June at...


The first users of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro massively complain about problems with sound and image

To the small problems of Apple MacBook Pro laptops, a couple more have been added, and they relate to the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro with the "new" Magic Keyboard. No,...


Apple acknowledged the problem with sudden shutdowns in the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019

The list of various problems with laptops Apple MacBook Pro continues to expand. An official document was recently published in the technical support section of the Apple website confirming the...


Ming-Chi Kuo: In 2020, Apple will switch to the use of mini LED displays for some models of iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will begin to use displays based on mini LED technology for its devices, which will hit the market in late 2020. One of these...


Apple has removed the section with user reviews for its products from the official website

Apparently, Apple removed the Rating & Reviews section along with all the reviews and ratings from its online store Apple Store, depriving users of the ability to leave and view...


Apple's next event will be held on December 2 (the best games and applications on the App Store will be announced)

This year, Apple decided not to hold the traditional October presentation, as a result, the new AirPods Pro wireless headphones, the 16-inch MacBook Pro in a new design with very...


iFixit: New Apple MacBook Pro gets a very large battery and improved cooling system

Specialists from iFixit have already dedicated the second material to the new Apple MacBook Pro laptop with a 16-inch display. Just yesterday we talked about the fact that the keyboard...


Confirmed by iFixit. The new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro returns the old reliable keyboard with a scissor mechanism

By announcing a new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop, Apple has promised to improve keyboard performance. After many years of complaints about the operation of the butterfly-type mechanism, which caused frequent...


New to the day: “frameless” 16-inch MacBook Pro

At last! Apple has released the new MacBook Pro with a 16-inch Retina display, which has become the largest for the company's laptops. The new MacBook Pro is equipped with...


Apple has finally begun to make devices thicker (and better). Are you satisfied?

Perhaps due to the departure of Joni Ive. Apple has stopped overly caring about the thickness of its devices at the expense of functionality. This is directly indicated by the...


Apple introduced the 16-inch MacBook Pro in a new design with very thin frames and a new keyboard. Price top-end configuration – $ 6099

Literally just Apple, as expected, announced a new 16-inch MacBook Pro laptop. The new model, which Apple without too modesty calls the "best in the world" a professional laptop, will...

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