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Microsoft admitted to listening to user calls to the Cortana assistant and conversations via Skype Translator

So, what most people have long suspected has now been officially recognized – leading technology companies that develop virtual voice assistants and intelligent speech translators listen to user-issued commands. Following...


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus c 5G presented – review, price, where to buy

The iPhones have serious competitors! On August 7, at an event in New York, Samsung introduced the new flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The devices received...


Does Microsoft listen and read dialogs on Skype?

It turned out that Microsoft has access to data on Skype calls and Cortana requests. Perhaps after such news you will think twice before using Skype for personal conversations and...


Apple increases research and development costs

The Cupertinians spent almost 8% of their income on this. In the third fiscal quarter, Apple spent $ 4.2 billion on research and development. This is 7.9% of total revenue...


Mac Book recommends purchasing Surface (rather than Air) in new Microsoft ad [видео]

Microsoft decided to recall the classic PC vs. Mac, in which Apple in a comic form proved the superiority of their computers over PCs running Windows. Now the Mac Book...


In Windows 10, a system restore function from the cloud may appear, similar to Internet Recovery in macOS

Microsoft plans to expand options for restoring the Windows 10 operating system and rolling back to factory settings. The company is testing a new cloud recovery feature in the event...


Apple asks Trump to exempt Mac Pro components and other products from increased import duties

Not only Huawei is having a hard time because of the trade war between China and the United States. American companies are not particularly pleased with the course chosen by...


In Russia, create a voice assistant for smartphones

The domestic equivalent of Siri and Cortana will take care of mental health. Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) create a...


Apple, Google, Microsoft and WhatsApp opposed the British government, which wanted to be able to read encrypted messages.

Large technology companies have long resisted government attempts to access messages and conversations in user chat. The next step in this struggle was an open letter addressed to the UK...


US antitrust agencies went on the warpath against Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple

In the US, it seems that the biggest anti-monopoly investigation of the present day begins. Four main IT companies of the country got under the gun of the federal authorities:...


Apple and Microsoft have jointly developed a new iCloud application for Windows 10

Apple and Microsoft worked together to create an iCloud application for Windows 10. Although iCloud was always available on Windows, this new application is distributed through the Microsoft Store and...


Apple: New duties on China will be disastrous for our business

Apple claims that the Trump administration’s duties may reduce the company's economic effect and put it at a disadvantage compared to its international competitors, in particular with Chinese companies. In...

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