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Accelerated discharge and interruptions during calls. The latest iOS 13.1.2 update brought new problems to iPhone users.

By the number of problems and various kinds of errors in recent OS updates with Microsoft (here) Apple can easily compete. Earlier this month, the latter released an iOS 13.1.2...


Call function will appear in Windows 10

New update. Ecosystem – this is perhaps one of the main advantages of Apple. All devices of the corporation work flawlessly in conjunction and separately – which makes the company's...


A bug has been detected in iOS 13. It gives third-party keyboards access to the system without permission

Apple reported a bug in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, which will be fixed in the next software update. Due to a bug, third-party keyboards can gain access to the...


Windows 10 gets tighter integration with Android

Windows 10 is getting better. The Apple ecosystem is unrivaled. All devices of the company, whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac, work flawlessly in conjunction and separately. But competitors,...


Windows 10 can be reinstalled through the cloud

Updating Windows 10 20H1 will allow you to forget about local copies of the OS. In the spring of 2020, the Windows 10 operating system will receive a large-scale update...


Most successful IT companies are based on middle-aged people.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are the exception, not the rule. In the media space, the myth that many successful technology companies were founded by young geeks has...


iOS 13 will support dark interface mode for all Office applications

Microsoft is starting to deploy dark-mode support for the Outlook app, as well as for all Office apps before iOS 13. Office applications on iOS will be able to automatically...


A “museum" has appeared on the Internet, which is an online collection of past versions of popular sites and services

An enthusiast named Alex, along with his son, launched the Version Museum project, a site where you can see how the sites of large companies and the interfaces of popular...


How to play Xbox One games on a Windows PC

You can play your favorite console games from your computer. The Xbox One game console can synchronize with any computer running Windows 10. Now you can safely play without taking...


Critical vulnerabilities found in Windows again

Calmly, everything is under control. Microsoft security experts have discovered and fixed two new vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. You may be in danger if you use Windows 10...


Microsoft admitted to listening to user calls to the Cortana assistant and conversations via Skype Translator

So, what most people have long suspected has now been officially recognized – leading technology companies that develop virtual voice assistants and intelligent speech translators listen to user-issued commands. Following...

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