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Apple named the best games and applications of 2019

As planned, late in the evening of December 2, Apple held a special event in New York, during which it summed up the outgoing 2019, naming the best, in its...


6 main smartphones of 2020, which are worth saving money

What to wait. Next year promises to be special for the smartphone industry. We are waiting for new design solutions, universal support for 5G, 3D-cameras and other innovations. Which smartphones...


Apple, Google and Microsoft signed a letter of support for the Paris Agreement

The Donald Trump administration is probably already withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, but a significant part of technology companies are opposed to this decision. CEOs of many companies, including giants...


Apple is changing the approach – there shouldn’t be any problems with future updates of problems like iOS 13

The release of the latest version of iOS 13, as you know, was very problematic. Actually, just the other day, the latest iOS 13.2.3 and iPadOS 13.2.3 firmware updates for...


Hooray! Apple is developing modern iTunes replacement for Windows

Looking forward to WWDC 2020. Apple is developing apps that will replace iTunes with Windows. The company is creating the “next generation of multimedia applications for Windows”, as indicated by...


Caution, nostalgia! 8 classic Windows programs that are incredibly nice to remember

Already "old school" brought. Ready to get a powerful shot of nostalgia? In this collection, we have collected classic utilities, without which it was impossible to imagine any computer 15-20...


5 best hidden Easter eggs on iPhone and Mac

Interesting! There are many Easter eggs in Apple products. In them, Apple thanks its employees and customers, pays close attention to details or simply teaches others (most often Microsoft). About...


Accelerated discharge and interruptions during calls. The latest iOS 13.1.2 update brought new problems to iPhone users.

By the number of problems and various kinds of errors in recent OS updates with Microsoft (here) Apple can easily compete. Earlier this month, the latter released an iOS 13.1.2...


Call function will appear in Windows 10

New update. Ecosystem – this is perhaps one of the main advantages of Apple. All devices of the corporation work flawlessly in conjunction and separately – which makes the company's...


A bug has been detected in iOS 13. It gives third-party keyboards access to the system without permission

Apple reported a bug in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, which will be fixed in the next software update. Due to a bug, third-party keyboards can gain access to the...


Windows 10 gets tighter integration with Android

Windows 10 is getting better. The Apple ecosystem is unrivaled. All devices of the company, whether it is iPhone, iPad or Mac, work flawlessly in conjunction and separately. But competitors,...


Windows 10 can be reinstalled through the cloud

Updating Windows 10 20H1 will allow you to forget about local copies of the OS. In the spring of 2020, the Windows 10 operating system will receive a large-scale update...

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