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Xiaomi owners are sad. MIUI 12 is still bad

Improvements needed. The MIUI 12 software shell, which is being prepared for release, is currently in a non-optimal state. According to user reviews of various models of Xiaomi and Redmi...


Xiaomi boasted MIUI 12 with child errors

And it did not go unnoticed. Users of the Reddit resource laughed at numerous errors on the official website of Xiaomi. In a discussion of a page describing the benefits...


Mark on the calendar. MIUI 12 release dates for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones are announced

See when your smartphone updates. Xiaomi announced the release date of the new MIUI 12 software shell for different models of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. The company confirmed that MIUI...


They are beautiful. "Super Wallpaper" named the best innovation of MIUI 12

They look really cool too. Testing the beta version of the MIUI 12 software shell, users called "super wallpapers" the most impressive update update. Users noted that Xiaomi managed to...


Popular Redmi smartphones suffer quick discharge on MIUI 11

And that is the problem. Users of Redmi K20 and K30 smartphones complained about the rapid discharge of their devices after the latest MIUI 11 updates. Battery consumption also occurs...


Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out

Modified. Xiaomi has announced an improved dark theme for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, which will become part of the MIUI 12 shell. Dark Mode 2.0 extends to the entire interface...


Xiaomi owners complain about slow MIUI 11

MIUI 10 is considered faster. Xiaomi smartphone users complained that the new version of the MIUI 11 shell is slower compared to MIUI 10. Owners of various models, including the...


Xiaomi fans are happy. Disclosed the main innovation MIUI 12

Interesting leak. An employee of Xiaomi spoke about a key innovation of the MIUI 12 shell. According to his information, a full dark interface mode will appear on Xiaomi and...