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IPhone owners will receive money from Apple for the deliberate slowdown. But not all

Apple will pay after all. Apple was ordered to pay $ 25 to every iPhone user that was affected by a performance optimization feature that slowed down smartphones with depleted...


Secrets of Sberbank. Fast money transfer by phone number

Good to know! Sberbank customers can make quick money transfers directly by phone number. This feature facilitates the implementation of small transfers, the largest share of which is among bank...


Budget Samsung Galaxy M01 released. Worth the money

This is the cheapest Samsung smartphone this year. Samsung has launched Russian sales of its most budget smartphone in 2020. The new Galaxy M01 appeared on official sale at a...

Top for your money. First impressions of journalists and bloggers from the new iPhone SE


Top for your money. First impressions of journalists and bloggers from the new iPhone SE

On April 22, the first reviews of the new iPhone SE appeared – the new "popular" Apple smartphone, which has every chance to repeat, and possibly even surpass the success...


Fake rating cameras. DxOMark takes huge money for smartphone sales reviews

Here it is. DxOMark laboratory receives € 100 thousand (about 6.8 million rubles) for creating a positive review of smartphone cameras. This was reported by a Chinese insider Digital Chat...


Setting up the iPhone to be turned off abroad. Otherwise write off money

Useful advice. It’s no secret that mobile operators are especially “gluttonous” abroad and can write off money for any careless movement. However, even experienced tourists may not be aware that...


Smartphones Russians plan to use to combat money laundering

Here it is. The Central Bank intends to use a new way to combat money laundering using smartphones of Russians. The Central Bank wants to create a special database of...


6 main smartphones of 2020, which are worth saving money

What to wait. Next year promises to be special for the smartphone industry. We are waiting for new design solutions, universal support for 5G, 3D-cameras and other innovations. Which smartphones...


The best hackers could not crack the iPhone for money

The defense did not flinch. Leading developers could not crack the iPhone 11 at the Tianfu Cup hacker competition held in China. Developers from China and other countries were powerless...


Cards are at stake. Fraudsters have found a new method of stealing the money of Russians

Banks know about him. Representatives of leading Russian banks spoke about a new method of withdrawing stolen money, which is actively used by scammers. Attackers began to use a method...


When to make money? Named the start date of sales of iPhone SE 2

We wait. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said when sales of the new low-cost iPhone SE 2 will begin. According to its sources, Apple will launch mass production of the iPhone...

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