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Compare iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone XS. What is the difference

Now you will learn all about the difference between smartphones. What's really new in the iPhone 11 Pro? Yes, he has a triple camera, this is clear and visible to...


What pleases users with the flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The most interesting features of the new flagship smartphone have become known. Samsung presented the flagship smartphone models of 2019 – Galaxy Note 10 in the basic and advanced versions....


TVOS 13 Beta 5 Released – How to Install What's New

A new version of tvOS for application developers has been released. Apple has released the next beta version of the tvOS 13 operating system – Beta 5 is intended for...


What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?

Trying to imagine 5G speed on subsequent iPhones. Apple does not plan to release 5G smartphones until the fall of 2020. However, other manufacturers and mobile operators are already testing...


The worst thing you can do with a smartphone on the plane

What people react most acutely in flight when it comes to smartphones. If you have ever flown in an airplane, then you are probably faced with the inappropriate behavior of...


New details on the Apple video service appeared on the eve of the presentation

Apple intends to focus not on quantity, but on the quality of exclusive content that will appear on the company's site. Such data is shared by the Financial Times, citing...


New Apple Streaming Details Revealed

The future Apple video service, the presentation of which can take place on March 25, will start work no earlier than mid-April, he learned Bloomberg. This is due to the...


From superheroine feminists to spy. Brie Larson will play a major role in the spy drama for Apple on the memoirs of a former employee of the CIA

It is expected that on March 25 at a special event, Apple will finally present a long-awaited streaming video service with a subscription, which will include unique content (programs, TV...


 Apple officially announced the presentation on March 25

Yesterday evening, Apple announced that a special press event will be held on March 25 to announce new products. Network informants revealed this date a month ago, but only now...


Tras Apple, Google gratis actualizará la compra de películas a 4K

Con el lanzamiento de 4K HDR-contenido a iTunes en el pasado año Apple ha alegrado a los usuarios, mediante la actualización de las compras anteriores de vídeo de mayor resolución,...


Se reconocieron tres de las principales innovaciones en Android N

Gran actualización del sistema operativo móvil de Google ya llama a la puerta. Que el Android N es diferente de 6.0 malvavisco? Respuesta corta: muchísimas. En marzo de este año,...

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