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The alleged photos of the iPhone 12 blanks confirm the "rectangular" design and the Lightning port

Judging by the latest news reports, the mass production of the new iPhone 12 will start next month – a month later than usual, as the early rumors said. All...


How to recover deleted photos (files, bookmarks, contacts) on iPhone from iCloud

Guide to recover accidentally deleted files on iPhone. Apple has designed an excellent system for recovering recently deleted files on the iPhone. The company's developers knew that hundreds of millions...


Technology purchased by Apple will greatly improve the quality of photos on the iPhone

An important takeover of the IT giant. Apple absorbed the British startup Spectral Edge, known for developing a unique technology to improve the quality of photos in smartphones. As noted...


5 smartphones up to 10,000 rubles, for which you can shoot smart photos

Cheap but high quality. A couple of years ago it was difficult to find a budget smartphone with a good camera. In the best case, it turned out to choose...


The first photos from the iPhone 11 in night mode appeared on the network

The results are impressive. Improved camera performance in low light in the iPhone 11 line was one of the most anticipated features from the survey. The Apple team proudly talked...


The network has photos and accurate specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

An insider shared a photo of the packaging of the budget flagship Samsung with 5G support. A photo of the device’s packaging appeared on the Internet, where not only the...


Google Photos app learned to recognize text in photos

The Photos app from Google is becoming increasingly attractive in functionality. Google remains one of the leaders in the development of digital photo processing technologies. Already, the Photos application for...