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Android never dreamed of. Apple boasts the popularity of iOS 13

Impressive performance. Apple has published recent statistics on the prevalence of various versions of iOS among the company's mobile devices. According to current statistics, iOS 13 is installed on a...


Video of the day: how the popularity of smartphones has changed in the past decade

It looks impressive. YouTube channel DataLearn has published a video with infographics that clearly shows how the popularity of smartphones of various brands has changed in the past decade. The...


New low-cost iPhone predicted popularity

Analysts believe in Apple's record. Over the next two years, Apple will be able to set a record for iPhone sales, Bank of America analysts said. According to them, the...


iPhone continues to lose popularity in the world

Analysts know the reason. Global iPhone sales have once again declined. According to a recent report from research company Gartner, in the third quarter of 2019, Apple sold 10% fewer...


The popularity of iPhones is falling. What's happening?

Users are less likely to buy iPhones – this is real data. Experts of BengMyCell conducted research, which resulted in that the users' confidence in Apple products (namely, iPhone smartphones)...