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iPhone 12 predicted a rise in price, despite the trimmed package

That's how it goes. Apple will raise prices for smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup, according to authoritative analyst Jeff Poo. According to him, the cost of new Apple smartphones...


The rise in price of equipment due to the fallen ruble rate is predicted

Disappointing forecasts. The representative of one of the leading Russian retailers, on condition of anonymity, spoke about how much the price of equipment will increase in April due to the...


Telephone spam epidemic predicted in Russia

All because of the new method of collecting our rooms. Experts have warned Russians about the upcoming epidemic of telephone spam. It will become possible due to the active use...


Apple predicted phenomenally successful 2020

Analysts have no doubt. All new Apple products of 2020 will be successful, as a result of which the company's shares will rise in price by 40%. Such optimistic forecast...


New low-cost iPhone predicted popularity

Analysts believe in Apple's record. Over the next two years, Apple will be able to set a record for iPhone sales, Bank of America analysts said. According to them, the...


iPhone 12 predicted to be even cheaper

Apple is heading for lower prices. Some 2020 iPhone models may be cheaper than current Apple smartphones. This conclusion was made by the expert and editor of the iMore publication...


iPhone SE 2 predicted to be a hit. It will be bought by the owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s

Inexpensive iPhone will be popular. Preparing to launch in early 2020, the iPhone SE 2 will become popular with consumers. Due to this and steady demand for the iPhone 11,...