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The "king" of budget smartphones Xiaomi Redmi 9A was released in Russia at an adequate price

The margin is minimal. Xiaomi has launched the Russian sales of the Redmi 9A smartphone. The budget novelty began to be sold at a price of 7,990 rubles excluding discounts...


iPhone XR dropped sharply in price

It's time to take! The 6.1-inch iPhone XR continues to become increasingly available in official Russian retail. In early August, the price of a smartphone with 64 GB of internal...


iPhone SE 2 for the first time fell in price in Russia

Not much, but this is the first discount. The 4.7-inch iPhone SE of the 2nd generation fell in price for the first time in the official Russian retail. The price...


Really! iPhone 11 Pro long-awaited drop in price

A solid decline. Some Russian retailers have made the first major discounts on the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple's flagship smartphone released in fall 2019. The price of the smartphone dropped...


iPhone 12 predicted a rise in price, despite the trimmed package

That's how it goes. Apple will raise prices for smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup, according to authoritative analyst Jeff Poo. According to him, the cost of new Apple smartphones...


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fell in price at a record speed. The gadget is already in Russian

The price is very pleasing. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet has dropped noticeably a few weeks after the device was released. Resellers sell the gadget...


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already available for purchase. And right at the right price

The bracelet is on sale on AliExpress. The latest Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet went on sale on AliExpress. The gadget has become available for purchase at once from...


The long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is out. Price pleases

Hit! Xiaomi introduced the new Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet. The novelty received an enlarged OLED screen, convenient magnetic charging without having to remove the capsule from the strap and...


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 instantly fell in price after the announcement of Mi Band 5

Not a day has passed. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet fell sharply immediately after the announcement of the new generation Mi Band 5 model. According to Chinese media, the...


How much to put off? Affordable price of PlayStation 5 in Russia

Because of the course it will be expensive. On the night of June 12, Sony officially presented the console of the new generation of PlayStation 5. Sony showed games and...


iPhone SE (2020) already decently fell in price

I did not have to wait six months. The 2nd generation iPhone SE released in late April has already fallen in price in Russia. By early June, Apple technology resellers...


Samsung Galaxy A21s (suddenly with NFC) came out in Russia. The price pleased

NFC is a very nice addition! Samsung has announced the launch of Russian sales of the new mid-budget smartphone Galaxy A21s. The model is equipped with a large display with...

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