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Inexpensive iPhone SE 2020 will unexpectedly appreciate the quality of shooting

The camera will be better than in the iPhone 8. Thanks to numerous leaks, almost everything is known about the new less expensive iPhone SE 2020. The only thing that...


YouTube has cut the default video quality worldwide. But it is already bypassed

Users have found a way. YouTube has reduced the default video quality to 480p to ensure the stability of the Internet in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. How...


Technology purchased by Apple will greatly improve the quality of photos on the iPhone

An important takeover of the IT giant. Apple absorbed the British startup Spectral Edge, known for developing a unique technology to improve the quality of photos in smartphones. As noted...


iOS 13 improved shooting quality on all older iPhones. Have you noticed?

An unexpected plus of firmware. IPhone users from the popular resource Reddit drew attention to the fact that the shooting quality on older iPhone models improved in iOS 13. Dozens...