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The A14 processor for the iPhone 12 is ready. Lit up in the photo

The characteristics are still a secret. Insider @loabaiTD posted a snapshot showing several Apple A14 processors that will be used in smartphones from the iPhone 12 lineup. The image was...


One iPhone 12 model getting ready for early production

Maybe there will be no delays? Apple will launch production of at least one iPhone 12 smartphone in July-August. The start of production of the 6.1-inch smartphone will take place...


More AirPods. Two brand new pairs of Apple headphones are getting ready

There were no such AirPods yet. Apple is developing two new pairs of AirPods, planning to release them in 2020. According to MacRumors' new headphone information, Apple is working on...


The return of 2007. LG Wing T-shaped smartphone getting ready

This you have not seen before. LG is preparing to launch the LG Wing smartphone in an unusual T-shaped form factor. Published smartphone renders indicate that it has two screens,...


“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch

We look forward to the end of the year. Samsung is actively preparing to launch the new Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone, which should become a simplified and cheaper version of...


Jailbreak iOS 13 is almost ready. Will it be possible to roll back to iOS 10 and iOS 9?

Answered the main question. Famous hacker Luka Todesko is actively working on the iOS 13 jailbreak utility using the checkm8 hardware exploit. The main feature of this exploit is the...