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Samsung regained leadership in the Russian smartphone market

And again, the Koreans are the first. Samsung has again become the leader in smartphone sales in Russia, regaining its lost leadership. Samsung managed to outstrip Huawei's Honor brand, which...


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fell in price at a record speed. The gadget is already in Russian

The price is very pleasing. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet has dropped noticeably a few weeks after the device was released. Resellers sell the gadget...


Named privileges for subscribers of Russian operators due to coronavirus

Useful initiative. Leading Russian operators will not restrict subscribers to access to phone calls and mobile Internet with a negative balance if the situation with the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19...


5 cognitive YouTube channels in Russian

Watch and get smarter! YouTube is not just about instant entertainment. In the vastness of YouTube, it is quite possible to learn a lot of new things, and in any...


Coming soon? eSIM tested with Russian encryption

Because of it, smartphones with eSIM may begin to lag. Rossvyaz is testing the use of Russian encryption methods Grasshopper and Magma in eSIM virtual SIM cards. These algorithms are...


21 most important changes in Russian laws in 2020

How will life change in 2020? 2020 has come! What will it be for the Russians? In 2020, a number of amendments to laws come into force that directly affect...


Archive tariffs of Russian operators appreciably rise in price

Immediately up to 20%. Russian operators began to warn subscribers about the increase in fees at some archive rates. The increase in the monthly fee will be up to 20%,...


Russian Railways will start selling tickets for airplanes and buses

Or maybe a taxi! Russian Railways will launch the sale of tickets for airplanes, buses and water transport on the website and in the mobile application from the beginning of...


The ban on the sale of smartphones without Russian applications is supported by the authorities. What will happen now?

And what will happen to the iPhone? The Russian authorities supported the bill banning the sale of smartphones without pre-installed domestic software. Today, the corresponding bill was adopted by the...


Tablets may soon disappear from the Russian market

According to experts, smartphones-phablets are gradually crowding out competitors, making the purchase of tablets irrational. The data collected by the researchers of "The Messenger" and "M. Video – Eldorado" show...

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