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What do Russians lose? 5G networks download speeds announced

High-speed networks are far from everywhere. OpenSignal compiled a rating of speeds in launched 5G networks in various countries of the world. The collected statistics made it possible to find...


Russians postponed the purchase of smartphones

Until better times. Smartphone sales in Russia fell sharply in April amid the closure of retail stores due to the complicated epidemiological situation and rising prices for mobile devices. According...


The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on February 26. Named the country where the Russians should not go because of the virus

All the most important about the deadly virus. During the day, 62 people died from the Wuhan virus. Coronavirus reached three new countries; the Russian stock market collapsed; Russians are...


Fraudsters cheat Russians by offering free iPhone 11

Be careful! Rostelecom warned the Russians about using a new fraudulent method. Attackers mass-send messages allegedly on behalf of the company, offering potential victims to get a free iPhone 11...


The main thing about the coronavirus COVID-19 on February 23. Infected Russians returned to the country

All the most important about the deadly Chinese virus per day. Statistics for a day: 101 people died from coronavirus. US authorities have accused Russia of spreading mass fakes about...


Russians are interested in more expensive smartphones

Suddenly. The Russians began to buy more expensive smartphones in 2019. According to statistics from leading Russian retailers, smartphone sales worth more than 50 thousand rubles per year increased by...


Named the most popular smartphones in 2019 among Russians

iPhone is off the list. MTS mobile operator and retailer has published a list of the 10 most popular smartphones of 2019 in Russia. According to the published statistics, not...


The Russians were in the sight of telephone spammers

Be carefull. In 2019, Russians began to receive almost twice as many spam and fraudulent calls compared to last year. According to a study by the developer of the Caller...


Smartphones Russians plan to use to combat money laundering

Here it is. The Central Bank intends to use a new way to combat money laundering using smartphones of Russians. The Central Bank wants to create a special database of...


Black Friday 2019. We collected all the best discounts for the Russians

Found where to save. On November 29th, the Black Friday major sale will take place around the world. Where to look for real discounts to save? We examined the offers...


Russians will be able to assess the state of the car engine by sound through the application

Innovative Russian development. In Russia, a service will appear to assess the state of the car engine by sound. The Russians will be able to record the sound of the...

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