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Donald Trump: Tim Cook "well-grounded" the fact that the trade war with China helps Samsung better resist Apple

At a meeting with reporters, US President Donald Trump shared the results of his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. In particular, he said that Tim Cook “made a very...


Apple accused of stealing technology for creating dual cameras

This has never happened, and here again. Apple has filed another lawsuit related to patent infringement. This time, the company is accused of stealing technology to create dual-camera smartphones. The...


In the United States, it was banned to transport Apple MacBook Pro laptops that are subject to recall due to battery problems

Despite the fact that in June Apple launched a program for free replacement of batteries of a limited number of MacBook Pro laptops, which are prone to overheating and even...


Should I really charge the iPhone with only my own charge?

We answer – no! There is a surprisingly widespread belief that smartphones should be charged exclusively with the native chargers included. And if, suddenly, the power adapter is broken, you...


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus c 5G presented – review, price, where to buy

The iPhones have serious competitors! On August 7, at an event in New York, Samsung introduced the new flagship Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The devices received...


The first 5G coated zone appeared in Moscow

Muscovites got the opportunity to try 5G in business, but there are nuances So it happened! In the Tele2 operator’s Twitter account, an announcement appeared that the company had organized...


Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL from Google will receive OLED screens with a frequency of 90 Hz

Google's new devices are expected to beat competitors in display quality. The main characteristics and appearance of the new Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL models have already been approved...


For the second quarter of this year, 12.3 million smart watches were sold (an increase of 44%), with Apple, Samsung and Fitbit leading the way.

Research company Strategy Analytics published a report for the second quarter of 2019, according to which over the period 12.3 million smart watches were sold worldwide, which is 44% higher...


What will be the 5G speed on the iPhone 2020?

Trying to imagine 5G speed on subsequent iPhones. Apple does not plan to release 5G smartphones until the fall of 2020. However, other manufacturers and mobile operators are already testing...


When it is not necessary to connect the smartphone to charge?

In these situations, it is better to refuse to connect the device to charge. Sometimes it is better to refuse to charge your smartphone in order to protect yourself and...


iPhone 2020 may get a flexible display from LG

Apple is interested in working with a Korean company. Korean giant LG is starting mass production of flexible OLED displays this year. According to rumors, Apple is interested in making...


Parus Holding accused Apple of patent infringement. What will happen now?

Apple was sued, accusing the use of someone else's intellectual property. The company Parus Holding sued Apple, accusing the latter of using someone else's intellectual property. This is a patent...

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