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Xiaomi entered the Fortune Global 500 rating for the first time. There were more Chinese companies than American ones for the first time in all time.

Fortune magazine this week presented a recent ranking of the world's largest companies Fortune Global 500, the criteria for the compilation of which is the company's revenue. The new rating...


iPhones 2020 will get 120 Hz screens

It will be possible to choose between 120 Hz and 60 Hz. Next-generation iPhones, which will be released by Apple next year, are expected to use arrays with a refresh...


Apple Music already has over 60 million subscribers.

Apple's senior vice president, Eddie Q, said in one of his recent interviews that the Apple Music service reached 60 million subscribers. “Apple Music is the number one streaming service...


Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with a 64 MP camera

The gadget will be released under the brand Redmi. Redmi, a brand created by the Chinese company Xiaomi, presented a teaser image of its future unique smartphone. We are talking...


Chronic diseases can now be controlled through a smart watch.

The Livongo digital platform, designed for patients with chronic illnesses, reminds users to check blood sugar levels, exercise and prepare a low-calorie lunch, as well as other medical information that...


The popularity of iPhones is falling. What's happening?

Users are less likely to buy iPhones – this is real data. Experts of BengMyCell conducted research, which resulted in that the users' confidence in Apple products (namely, iPhone smartphones)...


Last year's flagship: which smartphones are cheaper, but have not lost their relevance

Content 1 Huawei P20 and P20 Pro 2 Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + 3 Samsung Galaxy Note9 4 Apple iPhone X 5 Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 6...


Android still has navigation problems with gestures

And on Apple's smartphones, it has been working perfectly for two years now. One of the main features of Apple devices is that they invariably evoke emotions – someone loves...


Samsung called the cost of the subscription and the timing of the launch of Spotify in Russia

Spotify's music streaming service will fully work in Russia this year. The corresponding information was confirmed by the representatives of the domestic division of Samsung on its official page on...


OLX has named the Top 10 most popular smartphones – most often they are looking for the iPhone 7, and Apple is 6 times more interested in models than Samsung.

Analysts of the OLX platform told which brands of smartphones were the most popular in the first half of 2019. Among all mobile phones, Ukrainians are most interested in the...


Counterpoint: despite a 20 percent decline in sales, Apple remains the market leader in premium smartphones with a share of almost 50%

Recently, the smartphone market has experienced a decline due to saturation. And this is again confirmed in the next report of the research company Counterpoint, which shows that during the...


Apple may start putting OLED displays on iPad and MacBooks to offset iPhone sales decline

Apple may begin to equip most of its devices with high-quality OLED displays, so as not to pay Samsung compensation for allegedly failing to fulfill its contractual obligations. According to...

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