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Bloomberg: Apple has taken on the development of satellite technology to provide a separate communications channel for its devices

Apple has formed a “secret team” to develop some kind of satellite technology that the iPhone manufacturer will be able to use to transfer data directly to their devices, bypassing...


Named the most popular smartphones in 2019 among Russians

iPhone is off the list. MTS mobile operator and retailer has published a list of the 10 most popular smartphones of 2019 in Russia. According to the published statistics, not...


Users called the main advantages of Xiaomi smartphones

Price and quality. Xiaomi smartphone owners have discussed the advantages of the Chinese company’s mobile devices over other smartphones. In a large-scale discussion on the Reddit resource, the key advantages...


Named the best smartphones in 2019 according to IGN

iPhone on top! A major foreign publication IGN summed up the results of 2019. Today, resource experts named the best smartphones released over the past 12 months. In the compiled...


What is the difference between Ukrainian owners of iPhone and Android smartphones: traffic, social networks, travel, movies and cats [инфографика]

Vodafone analysts found the characteristic features and differences in the behavior of the capital's owners of the top iOS and Android smartphones. To do this, they analyzed the habits and...


Top-end Mac Pro PC costs almost $ 53 thousand – and Apple still sells wheels to it for $ 400

On December 10, Apple, as promised, began accepting pre-orders for the new high-performance Mac Pro computer, which was introduced back in June at WWDC 2019. The timing of the start...


Foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold turned out to be few who need

Demand is minimal. Sales of Samsung Galaxy Fold in Russia were a failure according to experts. According to unofficial statistics, Russians have bought less than a thousand foldable Samsung smartphones...


7 crazy 2020 smartphones

You need to follow them. In 2019, several important breakthroughs occurred in the smartphone industry at once. The main one is associated with the beginning of the use of flexible...


The long-awaited Huawei P40 Pro first appeared in the images

Huawei will try to surprise. Huawei's upcoming flagship was first captured on images. According to today's leak from Twitter, the Huawei P40 Pro will be equipped with a “waterfall display”...


“Cheap flagship” Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is ready to launch

We look forward to the end of the year. Samsung is actively preparing to launch the new Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone, which should become a simplified and cheaper version of...


6 main smartphones of 2020, which are worth saving money

What to wait. Next year promises to be special for the smartphone industry. We are waiting for new design solutions, universal support for 5G, 3D-cameras and other innovations. Which smartphones...


New details revealed about the next compact iPhone

Fresh leak! As it became known in early autumn, next year Apple will release a compact 5.4-inch iPhone 12 Pro. For the first time, the company will reduce the diagonal...

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