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Microsoft admitted to listening to user calls to the Cortana assistant and conversations via Skype Translator

So, what most people have long suspected has now been officially recognized – leading technology companies that develop virtual voice assistants and intelligent speech translators listen to user-issued commands. Following...


IOS 13 beta 6 released – how to install what's new, reviews

This iOS 13 beta is for developers only. Everyone has a public beta of iOS 13. iOS 13 beta 6 was released on August 7, 2019. This firmware is intended...


Public iOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new, reviews

iOS 13 public beta 5 is available for installation to all owners of iPhone 6s, 6s +, 7, 7+, SE, 8, 8+, X, XR, XS and iPhone XS Max. On...


Public iPadOS 13 beta 5 released – how to install what's new

Updated firmware has become even more stable. Following the 6th test build of the iPadOS 13 operating system for developers, Apple released the public iPadOS 13 beta 5, which is...


Apple stopped listening to Siri requests

Similarly, the voice assistant quality control program has been temporarily suspended. An early edition of the Guardian wrote that contractors gain access to voice requests from users of Apple gadgets....


Apple has suspended listening to user requests for Siri speech analysis contractors

Apple has suspended Siri's quality control program, in which contractors listen to some user requests. About this writes TechCrunch with reference to the statement of the company. According to an...


Apple hires people to listen and analyze user conversations with Siri

The Guardian reported that Apple is paying contractors for listening to the conversations of users recorded by Siri. According to the source, almost any interaction with the voice assistant is...


Parus Holding accused Apple of patent infringement. What will happen now?

Apple was sued, accusing the use of someone else's intellectual property. The company Parus Holding sued Apple, accusing the latter of using someone else's intellectual property. This is a patent...


How often should I restart the iPhone?

And is it necessary to do it at all? Is it necessary to restart the iPhone from time to time to speed it up? This question constantly arises among users,...


In Russia, create a voice assistant for smartphones

The domestic equivalent of Siri and Cortana will take care of mental health. Scientists from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) create a...


Powerbeats Pro – Beats by Dr.Dre Wireless Headphones Review

Content 1 Completion and first impressions 2 Design and usability 3 Case 4 Functionality and control 5 Sound 6 Autonomy Truly wireless headphones began to appear relatively recently. Before that,...


Apple updated CarPlay by changing the main screen interface and adding Siri suggestions

Apple has unveiled the biggest update to its CarPlay system since its release. The new version has received a significant redesign and is now more suited to its purpose, having...

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