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The Xiaomi Redmi 8 budget came out in Russia. This is the perfect second smartphone.

Temporarily sold at a discount. Xiaomi has launched sales of its new budget smartphone Redmi 8 in Russia. The start of sales of the novelty was timed to coincide with...


The legendary Motorola RAZR is back. 3 reasons why the smartphone will be a hit

Presentation coming soon! Motorola has officially announced that the return of the legendary RAZR smartphone will take place on November 13. On this day, Motorola presents a unique smartphone with...


iOS 13 26 days after release is already installed on every second iPhone smartphone

Apple first published data on the distribution speed of the latest mobile operating system iOS 13. On the corresponding page of the company's website for developers, it is reported that...


Owners of iPhone 11 called the main plus of the smartphone

Expected. IPhone 11 users shared their impressions of the smartphone in the first weeks of use. The owners of the least expensive Apple smartphone of the year 2019 recognized the...


Why is it time to stop calling the upcoming Apple iPhone SE 2 smartphone

The smartphone will be very different from SE, primarily in size. Now the headlines in the news portals are full of the name of the new budget smartphone from Apple,...


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro owners share smartphone reviews

Is a normal smartphone or overheating? Released in September 2019, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone was a very unusual new product of the Chinese company. The device turned...


The new DOOGEE smartphone for 10 thousand. 3 cameras, 64 GB of memory and 10,000 (!!!) mAh

Characteristics in conjunction with price are intriguing. The Chinese company DOOGEE has announced the release of its flagship budget smartphone, DOOGEE N100. The company is sure that their product is...


The global smartphone market has reached a tipping point – sales are declining

Users are in no hurry to buy new smartphones and computers. Gartner has published a report exploring the global market for computers and mobile phones. Analysts forecast a total sales...


The return of the legend. The release date of the folding smartphone Motorola RAZR

The novelty will be cheaper than the competitor Galaxy Fold. Motorola plans to revive the legendary Razr series – an unknown source close to the company told CNET. He stressed...


The end of the iPhone SE era. Smartphone disappears from sale

So what's now? 4-inch iPhone SE is almost no buy. The smartphone disappeared from sale at all authorized Apple retailers in Russia and most other countries. The stocks of the...


Popular smartphone INOI 2 Lite received an update

Over the past year, 300 thousand such smartphones of the previous version were sold. INOI has updated its most popular smartphone and opened its sales. 2019 INOI 2 Lite is...

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