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OnePlus 7T Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max. Who is faster?

The winner is obvious. Or not? A couple of days ago, OnePlus held a grand event, in which it showed its most sophisticated smartphone – OnePlus 7T Pro. For many,...


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro owners share smartphone reviews

Is a normal smartphone or overheating? Released in September 2019, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone was a very unusual new product of the Chinese company. The device turned...


When iOS 13.2 comes out

Release date iOS 13.2 according to the forecast of the publisher. Apple began testing iOS 13.2 firmware in early October, giving developers and users access to the first beta. When...


Lada Grant motorhome. Success is just around the corner, but there are pitfalls

You can manage with category B and average income (oh, if she had another engine …). Who did not want to go on a trip in a motorhome at least...


Is 5G launch just around the corner? Fifth Generation Networks Tested in Russia

5G test networks are breaking speed records. Telecommunications operator MTS and Samsung at the exhibition M.Video Electronics Show showed what fifth-generation networks are capable of. The partners deployed a dedicated...


How iOS 13.2 affected the speed of the iPhone

Comparison with iOS 13.1.2 Last night, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 13.2. The developers added a new shooting mode Deep Fusion (only for the iPhone 11 line)...


iOS 13 left no chance of "high-speed" iOS 10

Dry victory. Among iPhone users, there is a widespread belief that iOS 10 is superior to newer firmware in terms of speed. Comparison of the “live” performance of iOS 10.3.3...


Where to go now iPhone 5s and iPhone 6? Sell ​​on Avito or leave

There is no more support. Trouble? iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have stopped updating. The other day, Apple released the final iOS 12.4.2 firmware for them, which...


Apple releases iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1, and tvOS 13 updates

As planned, today, September 24, Apple released an update to the iOS mobile operating system for version 13.1 and the new iPadOS for tablets. Obviously, the decision to speed up...


iPhone 11 – familiar design and new cameras

Last year, Apple decided to experiment with its line of smartphones for the first time by introducing, along with the top models, their simplified version called iPhone Xr. Suddenly, even...


Should I upgrade to iOS 13.1? Comparison with iOS 13

Migrate to iOS 13.1 or not? September 24, Apple released the final version of iOS 13.1. The first major update to iOS 13 brought with it several new features and...


How is it with autonomy on iOS 13? Comparison with iOS 12

Is it better or worse? iOS 13 outperforms iOS 12.4.1 in performance, numerous tests have proven it. But what about the new firmware with battery life? Has it gotten worse...

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