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ASUS unveils 11th Gen Intel Core laptops

As part of the Built for Brilliance presentation, ASUS presented a range of new products based on Intel Core 11 processors. In particular, the ultra-compact ZenBook Flip S laptops feature...


Let's hit the off-road flight!

The Japanese have created the flying SkyDrive, but others are also not far behind. Due to the fact that on our Earth ball the weather conditions change very much and,...


Chrome update made pages load faster

The new version is available to everyone right now. The new version of the browser Google Chrome 85.0 has accelerated the loading of web pages and made changes to the...


How often do I need to restart my iPhone?

And is it even necessary to do this? Do I need to restart my iPhone from time to time to speed it up? This question constantly arises among users, especially...


Big presentation of Xiaomi in Russia. Inexpensive analogue of AirPods, Mi Band 5, new generation electric scooters

Lots of cool new products! On July 30, Xiaomi held a big presentation in Moscow, presenting a number of new products for the Russian market. Among the novelties of Xiaomi...


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fell in price at a record speed. The gadget is already in Russian

The price is very pleasing. The price of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet has dropped noticeably a few weeks after the device was released. Resellers sell the gadget...


New record. Disclosed the amount of RAM iPhone 12 Pro

And recently, only 2 GB was enough. Apple will equip the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max with a record amount of RAM for their smartphones. According to...


IOS 13.6 seems to be the best version of iOS 13. Users are very satisfied

The release will be soon. IPhone users praised the GM version of iOS 13.6, which was released by Apple on July 9th. According to reviews, iOS 13.6 does not contain...


Inexpensive Redmi with 120Hz OLED screen on the way

120 Hz, which will be affordable. Xiaomi is preparing to release the first smartphone with an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz under the Redmi brand. The...

Experience using iPhone 11


Experience using iPhone 11

Before the release of new iPhone models, there is not much time left, although Apple is likely to postpone their release due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. But...


Xiaomi owners are sad. MIUI 12 is still bad

Improvements needed. The MIUI 12 software shell, which is being prepared for release, is currently in a non-optimal state. According to user reviews of various models of Xiaomi and Redmi...


Here are some iPhones waiting. Disclosed the names of all iPhone 12

No surprises. Famous insider Fudge revealed the names of new smartphones from the iPhone 12 line. According to information from its sources, Apple will release four smartphones: iPhone 12, iPhone...

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