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MegaFon launches new profitable tariffs

Fresh ruler. The mobile operator MegaFon launched the profitable tariff line “Always in touch with tariffs # No Overpayments”. As part of the tariffs of the new line, the operator...


Is it worth it to install iOS 12.4.7 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

Or is it better to skip? On May 20, Apple unexpectedly released iOS 12.4.7, the latest firmware for the iPhone and iPad, which did not receive the ability to upgrade...


What do Russians lose? 5G networks download speeds announced

High-speed networks are far from everywhere. OpenSignal compiled a rating of speeds in launched 5G networks in various countries of the world. The collected statistics made it possible to find...


Speed ​​comparison of iOS 13.5 GM and iOS 13.4.1. Is it worth updating?

Or will it start to slow down? On Monday, May 18, Apple released the pre-release version of iOS 13.5 Golden Master. With the highest probability, the final build of iOS...


Review of the smartphone Apple iPhone SE (2020)

The first iPhone SE appeared in March 2016. Then it became the "budget" version of the smartphone from Apple, which perfectly suited fans of compact cases, because just then began...


iPhone SE (2020) “bit off” from iPhone XR sales

Demand for the popular model has declined. The release of the 2nd generation iPhone SE has significantly reduced the demand for the iPhone XR. According to Wave7 Research, iPhone XR...


IPhone SE (2020) fast charging was slow

But not everything is so simple. Released at the end of April, the 2nd generation iPhone SE supports fast charging with 18 watts. A charging adapter with a high power...


The charging speed of the new iPhone SE was tested using a 5 and 18 W charger

The recently introduced iPhone SE (2020) smartphone supports 18 W fast charging, but Apple decided to add only a 5 W charger to the package. A more powerful version can...


Android 10 “crippled” old Xiaomi smartphones

Trouble. Users of smartphones Xiaomi Mi A1, Mi A2, Mi A2 Lite and others complained of a decrease in the speed of their devices after installing the latest Android 10...


iPhone prettier on iOS 13.5. Firmware makes smartphones faster

Beta testers noticed this. Released on April 29, iOS 13.5 beta 3 accelerated the iPhone compared to the latest iOS 13.4.1 firmware. According to tests, the speed of iOS 13.5...


Windows 10 is waiting for an important technical update. It will speed up our computers

Waiting for an update! The Microsoft-announced update for Windows 10 May 2020 Update will increase performance on computers and laptops, especially with hard drives. This will happen by changing the...


The head of Apple called the main advantage of the "people's" iPhone SE (2020)

It's all about speed. Apple CEO Tim Cook called the main advantage of the 2nd generation iPhone SE. According to the head of Apple, the company's new smartphone is “faster...

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