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Refresh – you will not regret it. New "Sberbank Online" has been released with dark theme support

And other cool innovations. The Sberbank Online application for iPhone and Android smartphones has received a major update with several long-awaited innovations. Sberbank Online got full support for the dark...


The dark theme got to the Google app on the iPhone. How to turn it on?

Everything is very simple (but you may have to wait). Google has added dark theme support to its iPhone search engine of the same name. A dark theme will become...


Oh miracle! Gmail for iPhone has a dark theme. How to turn it on?

Alas, not for everyone. Google is famous for its slowness in updating its iPhone apps. Nevertheless, the company is still developing them. Since today, iPhone owners have begun to report...


Xiaomi showed the "dark theme 2.0" from MIUI 12. Check it out

Modified. Xiaomi has announced an improved dark theme for Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, which will become part of the MIUI 12 shell. Dark Mode 2.0 extends to the entire interface...


WhatsApp dark theme will not appear on older iPhone

And even on many new ones. The dark theme of the WhatsApp interface for iPhone will be available only to users of smartphones running iOS 13. This was revealed from...


Scientists call dark theme and Night Shift mode on iPhone dangerous

Suddenly. Using the function to reduce blue light from the screen and the dark theme of the interface on smartphones does not help users, but harms. This was established by...


For years, we've been waiting for a dark theme for the iPhone. Well, how's the feeling? (poll)

Was the wait worth it? iOS 13 with a truly long-awaited dark interface theme was released a month and a half ago. All this time we used one of the...


Dark theme saves iPhone battery: true or myth?

Only reliable information. Numerous user wishes were heard – Apple added a dark mode to iOS 13. But in addition to the aesthetic component, the night theme can be of...

Experiment: on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a dark theme can significantly save battery power


Experiment: on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, a dark theme can significantly save battery power

As you know, a dark theme appeared in iOS 13, which not only can be convenient for some users from a visual point of view, but also, theoretically, can save...