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The new DOOGEE smartphone for 10 thousand. 3 cameras, 64 GB of memory and 10,000 (!!!) mAh

Characteristics in conjunction with price are intriguing. The Chinese company DOOGEE has announced the release of its flagship budget smartphone, DOOGEE N100. The company is sure that their product is...


I bought an iPhone 11 Pro for 90 thousand. And it is not updated

What just did not. “I love iPhones for their stability and seamlessness.” This can often be heard from fans of the iPhone, who do not even want to look towards...


The top configuration of Apple Mac Pro will probably cost about $ 45 thousand (excluding the monitor)

Yesterday, Apple announced the release of a new Mac Pro-oriented professional computer. During the announcement, the cost of the basic configuration of the novelty at the level of $ 6000...


Apple has reported on the identification of arrhythmias in 2 thousand Apple Watch owners

The ability of Apple Watch to diagnose cardiac arrhythmia in the background has shown itself to be an extremely effective means of monitoring the state of the human body. This...


Hackers use iPhone prototypes for developers (stolen from Foxconn factories) to break into consumer iPhones. They buy them on the black market for several thousand dollars

From time to time, there are online publications about companies that allegedly have the appropriate tools to bypass the protection and hacking of modern smartphones, be it Apple iPhone or...