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Apple Card Credit Appears In August

The card was announced last spring. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the stylish Apple Card will be available in August. However, the exact date of its release was not...


Apple earned record revenue, but profits fell, and iPhone sales yielded less than half of revenue.

Apple has published a report on financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2019, which corresponds to the second calendar quarter. In the reporting period, Apple received a total...


Apple chief designer Joni Ive leaves the company. He decided to create his own design studio LoveFrom

Apple today made a very unexpected and important announcement, announcing the departure of one of the key top managers. Apple's chief designer Joni Ive, the man who made the software...


The real reasons for leaving Johnny Ive from Apple are named (briefly: Tim Cook "put him down")

The Friday news about the departure of Apple's Johnny Ive, who creates her own design company LoveFrom (Apple will be one of its main customers), came as a complete surprise...


“This story is absurd”: Tim Cook responded to The Wall Street Journal article about the real reason for leaving Johnny Quince from Apple

Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a longrid, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes details of leaving Johnny Quince from Apple, we briefly covered this article in our note yesterday. The...


Tim Cook: "Silicon Valley is time to take up the mind and think about the consequences of their own actions"

Last weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to alumni at Stanford University. In addition to the usual motivating words, he shared with young people his critical opinion about Silicon Valley....


This is too much! Disclosed iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max prices

Let's hope that the rumors are not confirmed. Apple will increase the value of all new iPhone models of 2019. The price of smartphones will increase by 5-10 thousand rubles,...


Apple postpones the release of its video service

Despite the fact that the presentation of the new Apple video service will be held on March 25, which is almost beyond doubt, its full launch will take place closer...


 Trump's next embarrassment: US president calls Apple CEO "Tim Epple"

Tim Cook is a very famous business figure. People interested in high technology know him well as Apple’s CEO. The rest, perhaps, do not know, they are forgivable, but not...


Apple ya no va a revelar el número de ventas del iPhone

Hoy, 2 de noviembre, Apple reportó ventas en el cuarto trimestre de 2018. Junto con esto, el director financiero de Apple, Luca Maestri dijo que la compañía ya no será...


Tim cook expresó su gratitud lang Del rey y a los demás huéspedes de la presentación el 30 de octubre de

El 30 de octubre de 2018, Apple realizó una presentación de los nuevos dispositivos, entre ellos el iPad Pro con función de Face ID, y la actualización de los MacBook...


Ha salido un nuevo Mac mini

La compañía Apple ha presentado el nuevo Mac mini. Sobre esto en la presentación de hoy en la ciudad de nueva york anunció el jefe de tim cook. Esta es...

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