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Tim Cook is sad. Apple may be required to pay taxes honestly in Europe

Where they sold, there they paid. Not so long ago we talked about the scheme that Apple uses to hardly pay taxes on the sale of its products in European...


Steve Jobs died 8 years ago. Recalled the best quotes of genius

A sad day in history. Not just Apple. On October 5, 2011, eight years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. Apple...


Tim Cook – on private cryptocurrencies: “Money, like defense, should remain the prerogative of the state”

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a voluminous interview to the French edition of Les Echos, in which, among other things, he explained why his company would never release its cryptocurrency,...


Tim Cook: "Apple always keeps prices as low as possible"

Tim Cook visited Germany this week. Having visited the Oktoberfest in Munich these days, the head of Apple went to the office of the Berlin startup Blinkist, where he gave...


Updated Apple Store open: what's new?

The company showed the world the iPhone 11 in stores with a unique design. After a long reconstruction, Apple opened a “glass cube” on Fifth Avenue, as well as several...


9 things you can buy for the high-end iPhone 11 Pro Max

Machine, top-end computer and a herd of sheep. The maximum price of iPhone in Russia has reached yet another record high. For the flagship 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max with...


Emmanuel Macron defends France's decision to impose a 3% tax on income of Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon

The president called madness that these giants live so freely in terms of paying taxes in Europe. French President Emmanuel Macron, at the upcoming G7 meeting this weekend, intends to...


Donald Trump may revise tariffs after a conversation with Tim Cook

The head of Apple told the US president about his concerns. Apple CEO Tim Cook met with U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday night for dinner. They discussed, among other...


Donald Trump: Tim Cook "well-grounded" the fact that the trade war with China helps Samsung better resist Apple

At a meeting with reporters, US President Donald Trump shared the results of his meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook. In particular, he said that Tim Cook “made a very...


Apple Card Credit Appears In August

The card was announced last spring. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the stylish Apple Card will be available in August. However, the exact date of its release was not...


Apple earned record revenue, but profits fell, and iPhone sales yielded less than half of revenue.

Apple has published a report on financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2019, which corresponds to the second calendar quarter. In the reporting period, Apple received a total...


Apple chief designer Joni Ive leaves the company. He decided to create his own design studio LoveFrom

Apple today made a very unexpected and important announcement, announcing the departure of one of the key top managers. Apple's chief designer Joni Ive, the man who made the software...

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