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That's all. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer at Apple

Now for sure the end of an era. Legendary designer Joni Ive is no longer a member of Apple. From today, the creator of the design of the iPhone, iPad,...


Joni Ive officially left Apple

The fact that Apple's chief designer Joni Ive will leave the company we learned in the summer. Reporting the news, which was a complete surprise for everyone, Apple did not...


Donald Trump asked Tim Cook to help with 5G in the US

As we know, US President Donald Trump advocates the early introduction of fifth-generation mobile communications in the United States. Moreover, he even wants to introduce 6G technology “as soon as...


Trump announced the opening of the "new" Apple factory in Texas. In fact, the company has been operating since 2013 and Apple does not belong

Last year, US President Donald Trump in an interview said that the United States sold Norway F-52 fighters, which, as it turned out, exist only in the game Call of...


Bloomberg: Apple plans to launch a general subscription to its multimedia services in 2020

A recent Apple report showed that the Cupertino’s plan to compensate for the drop in iPhone sales mainly due to the growth in revenue from digital services works (this business...


Do not expect Apple's “shameless” augmented reality glasses until at least 2023

Last week, we learned that Valve, which introduced the Index virtual reality headset in spring, is helping Apple develop a stereoscopic augmented reality headset for Apple. Now, The Information, citing...


Tim Cook does not exclude that in the future Apple may begin to distribute its devices by subscription

Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted at what investors and analysts have been talking about for years: in the future, the IT giant from Cupertino could indeed become a service company....


“Collapse” is postponed. Apple reported huge profits

Haters were silent. Tonight, Apple reported success for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019. According to the report, over the past quarter, the company received revenue of $ 64 billion...


IPhones to the masses. iPhone can be purchased in installments from Apple

No overpayment! Apple plans to launch an iPhone purchase program in installments for 24 months without overpayment. Company executives are confident that this will help increase smartphone sales in the...


Tim Cook is sad. Apple may be required to pay taxes honestly in Europe

Where they sold, there they paid. Not so long ago we talked about the scheme that Apple uses to hardly pay taxes on the sale of its products in European...


Steve Jobs died 8 years ago. Recalled the best quotes of genius

A sad day in history. Not just Apple. On October 5, 2011, eight years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 56. Apple...


Tim Cook – on private cryptocurrencies: “Money, like defense, should remain the prerogative of the state”

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a voluminous interview to the French edition of Les Echos, in which, among other things, he explained why his company would never release its cryptocurrency,...

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